Kentville, NS

Kentville is known as the Annapolis Valley's Playground. Excellent recreational facilities provide visitors and residents the very best opportunities to stay active and healthy while having fun.

Walking trails, soccer, tennis, squash and baseball facilities, playgrounds, protected wetlands, mountain bike parks, snowshoe, cross country skiing and hiking trails all lend to Kentville's reputation as a recreation destination.

Kentville’s reputation as a recreation destination is not out shined by its reputation for low tax rates both commercial and residential.

Downtown Kentville, Nova Scotia

Kentville’s tax rates are among the lowest in all of Nova Scotia. Not to mention, judged on a long list of criteria by Richard Rogers for his book “Towns of NS” in 2006, Kentville was ranked #1.

Kentville is home to a Regional Hospital facility, brand new LEED Gold Certified elementary and middle school and NSCC Kingstec Campus. Kentville is 2 towns away from Acadia University and only one hour’s drive outside of Halifax. Kentville is next door to the Annapolis Valley’s best shopping district and is home to no less than ten assorted restaurants, pubs, bistros and cafes.

Pumpkin People Kentville, Nova Scotia

As the Home of the Pumpkin People, and host of the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival which brings 80,000 visitors each spring, Kentville is THE place to visit in Nova Scotia. Come see for yourself!

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