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  • Celebrate With Us

    Province: Nova Scotia

    We have a saying here at Sea and be Scene – your marketing dollar will never go further and never mean more. When I started this website back in June of 2010 the mission was simple – to celebrate all the People, Places and Things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so very special. Now, […]

  • top 10 Christmas movies - one post

    My Top Ten Favourite Christmas Movies of All Time…

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Together in one post...with links to each of the movies pages...check it out and put these films on your "must see" list this Christmas!


    Province: Nova Scotia

    25 years – that’s a long time to have done anything. And on this day it will come to an end.* I’ve gotta be honest I’m sad. Now that’ll sound crazy to a lot of folks – but I have to believe there are more than a few people who are with me on this emotion. ‘Cause if you spend at least an hour a day with someone for 20 plus years and they say…they’re going away…well it leaves a space in your life to say the least.

  • Kate-William-Carriage

    Princesses Assessment with a Hopeful Heart

    Province: Nova Scotia

    I loved the Royal Wedding…I mean LOVED it! And it was perfect – she was beyond beautiful – the whole thing was lovely and more than anything HOPEFUL....

  • textuality

    Technology, Ties & “Textuality”

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Embracing the warm and fuzzy side of being wired and the wanting to salute my one time director Warren P. Sonoda on the release of his latest feature film "Textuality"

  • Loot Case

    Legions, Loot-Cases & Lots to “Like” about my Birthday

    Province: Nova Scotia

    The tri-fecta of fantastic - 3 very special aspects of a very special weekend! (including the LOOT CASE!)

  • Declaring March My “Make Good Month”

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Why not? I could just do everything I planned to do 2 months ago starting on March 1st. Better late than never I say! Woohoo! Yeah me!!!

  • comes with the territory

    Comes with the Territory

    Province: Nova Scotia

    Posted: January 23/11
    I think I speak for everyone in Canada’s Ocean Playground today when I say – sweet merciful heavens it’s freezing....

  • Broadcast News

    A Lot of Alliteration Already…

    Province: Nova Scotia

    As I’ve said before… on camera, on this site and on the record – I LOVE alliteration. It makes me happy. Despite the dis in Broadcast News - I don’t even feel guilty about it – I just wanted you to know that I know that I’m doing it.

  • rsz_barbie_camper_then_&_now

    History Repeating Itself?!

    Province: Nova Scotia

    “And he brought me a Barbie Camper!!!” I heard my daughter explain for the hundredth time since Christmas morning. Today it was to a group of super-cool teenage girls at a local café. It is, without question, her standard follow up answer to the standard post-Christmas greeting to anyone in the letter writing age group… “Did Santa come to your house?” more...