About Stephanie Beaumont


I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so I guess you could say that  I’m biased – but I’ve found an awful lot of people who’ll back me up – you’ll find them here on Sea and be Scene – waving the ‘fun flag’ where the 4 Atlantic Provinces are concerned – and I’m meeting more every day...locals, CFA’s, tourists, you name it – they love living here, moving here, visiting here and they want to share the love - as do I.

I should tell you too – that I love what I do – creating and producing this site (together with family, friends, and one rockin’ website team) – is a dream come true.

My career path through corporate marketing in Toronto, to singing on stages around the world, to broadcasting on TV and radio stations across the country has lead me back to the province of my birth and this web-site.

Sea and be Scene has allowed me to reunite with many friends I had met along the way and 'back in the day'... and it will allow me the chance to meet new and wonderful  folks in the future.

For a people person like me these are exciting times! sb

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