Happy 10th Celebrity Saluter for July 6th – Shawn Doyle

Posted: July 6th, 2020

Wahoo!!! So amazing to get a Celebrity Salute from this award winning and wonderful actor!

Newfoundland & Labrador's own Shawn Doyle has given us so many brilliant performances to cover over the past decade.  From sit down interviews and special features, to on set visits and red carpet chats - Mr. Doyle has been such a fantastic part of our East Coast Celebration.  Simply thrilled he could join us for a very HAPPY 10th

Grateful for his kind words and for his righteous 10 Song Party Play List...

1. New Goodbye - Hey Rosetta

2. Jack The Sailor - The Once

3. There She Goes - Leon Bridges

4. Boy Inside The Man - Tom Cochrane

5. The Town Where You Lived - The Once

6. That’s What You Get - Damhnait Doyle

7. You’re My Best Friend - The Once

8. Freedom - Rose Cousins

9. The Mary Ellen Carter - Irish Descendants

10. Everything Now - Arcade Fire

Email his name with the date to [email protected] and you'll be eligible to WIN all 10 of those Tunes as our daily prize for July 6th, 2020.

Be sure to put #SABS10 in the subject line and please be advised that YOU MUST include YOUR name and contact information in order for your ballot to be eligible.

We've posted it MANY times before and we sure don't mind posting it again - we are HUGE fans of this man. Wabush, NL native Shawn Doyle is such a gifted actor so covering his many roles has been a true delight - lucky for us Mr.D has also been very gracious with his time for us over the years and for that we will always been grateful.

From our first sit down interview while Shawn was in Lunenburg, NS filming THE DISAPPEARED, to our premiere party chat at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival in Halifax, NS for very first episode of SEA AND BE SCENE TV, to our on set catch up between takes for FRONTIER and on - and every time is the very finest kind.  The Toronto based actor has also done his fair share of email interviews for us too as we celebrated his roles on everything from VEGAS, FARGO and HOUSE OF CARDS, to his award winning mini series JOHN A. BIRTH OF A NATION, to his most recent film AWAY FROM EVERYWHERE, plus his work on BELLEVUE, THE EXPANSE, UNSPEAKABLE  and well... just have a look at all those links below and you'll see the steady stream of stellar projects we've covered where Shawn Doyle is concerned.

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention his most recent work - in the role of Doug Marsh for the TV series MIRAGE available to stream on CRAVEand his troubled turn as the avenging criminal Scott Riley for the final season of CARDINAL guest starring opposite his good pal and co-star on THE DISAPPEARED - Billy Campbell.  Catch S4 of CARDINAL with Shawn's marvelously maniacal 4 episode run streaming now on CRAVE here.

As for when you can next catch Mr.Doyle - that'll be late this November - when SHOWTIME premieres the 2 part limited series THE COMEY RULE starring Brendan Gleeson (THE GRAND SEDUCTION) as Donald Trump and Jeff Daniels (THE NEWSROOM) as James Comey. Based on the best seller "A Higher Loyalty", written by former FBI head James Comey about his many battles with the current President.   We can't wait to watch and yes - we can't wait to change that billing to 'former President' too!

We have so loved celebrating all of your incredible performances Shawn Doyle, we look forward to many more to come, and we are over the moon you made time to celebrate our HAPPY 10th Birthday - we think the world of  ya sir!!! xosabs

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Follow Shawn on Instagram @shawnydoyle and on Twitter @Shawndoyle

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