SABS EAST COAST Cocktail Collective

We love celebrating Atlantic Canada - all its many wonderful aspects.... and that includes the spirited side!

Since launching the back in 2010 we've gathered some truly awesome recipes for adult beverages and created some crazy great signature cocktails of our own.  The list has grown so long in fact we felt it deserved a 'Cocktail Collective' page.

Now all you need to do is click on the picture for beverage of your choice and you'll be linked to the recipe and video where available.

Cheers to the East Coast purveyors and makers of wines, spirits, beers and ciders who have shared their recipes with us and...

Cheers to YOU for stopping by! SABS


click through for Partridge Berry Ice Tea Cocktail recipe

click through for the recipe for the JOEL PLASKETT Emergency martini

click through for Gordie Sampson Sunburn Sangria

click through for the ImaGINator

click here for the recipe for THE DAVE MATTHEWS cocktail

click through for Mariner Martini Recipe

click through for Summer of Sandra Sangria

click through for Alqongquin Resort Strawberry Balsamic Cocktail

click through for Close Encounters Ice Cream recipe

click through for recipe for the depp finder cocktail

click through for recipe for the MURRICAN COCKTAIL

click through for Frosty's S'more Martini

Click through for the recipe for Heartfire

click through for the Merry Martini

click through for recipe DO YOU SEA WHAT I SEA


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