Blueberry Easter Eggs

I have always seen those articles about ‘naturally’ dying Easter Eggs but have never tried it until today.  We had made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and my sidekick/sous chef was samplin’ our frozen stash staining her little fingers in the process – when it occurred to me – those there berries will do ever so nicely for staining eggs too.  So what follows are the steps I took to create the egg you see above – indeed it was an eggs-periment in fun!

Hard boiled eggs

Frozen blueberries (could use fresh if you had them but frozen seem to be extra stainy)

Warm water

Put blueberries in bowl, the more berries the deeper the blue

Fill bowl to ¾ with warm water

Gently drop in eggs

Using spoon to push down eggs to ensure even coverage

Remove and place on baking rack to dry before using

The blue coverage will be mottled and uneven and as noted above the more blueberries and the longer the soak the deeper the blue.

To increase the mottled effect – smoosh blueberries into the egg to create splashes of stain.


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