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Posted: February 17, 2020

Melanie O’Brien and Phil Goodridge are no strangers to the music biz - after nine years of performing together, they’re releasing their debut EP “THESE WORDS I CAN’T FORGET” under the moniker The Duds.

O’Brien’s last sonic exploration with Goodridge saw a single release and tour in 2019 under her solo project, and this EP is the culmination of years of writing, performing, and refining their sound. Both with theatrical performance backgrounds, The Duds have dialed in a special chemistry onstage, and through careful selection of songs and thoughtful production, have captured this spirit in these debut recordings.

Separately, Melanie and Phil have each carved out their own paths in the music industry.

O’Brien’s debut solo album “SHINING IN THE BLUE” earned her three MusicNL Award nominations in 2017, as a vocal coach she holds the 2017 MusicNL Award for Music Educator of the year.

Goodridge is a multi-faceted artist with many musical talents, as well as a seasoned professional theatrical performer, working in Newfoundland for over 20 years. Together, The Duds are versatile, spicy-sweet - they’re undeniably meant to be on stage. The Duds recently brought their show to listening rooms across Atlantic Canada on a tour together in 2019 (as Melanie O’Brien’s solo project).

“After performing as a duo for 9 years, we were so excited to make this album,” says O’Brien. “This album is about chasing something emphatically; a dream, love, redemption, yet also explores the idea of letting go. These songs have an ethereal element while also maintaining some very real, relatable truths.” Of the EP, Goodridge says “We wanted to take the light, creative yet wistful energy of our live performance into the studio, and we had the time of our lives doing it! Inspired by taking our folk-like tunes and blending them with sonic and pop beats, we have aimed to create music that calls, answers and echoes each other’s experiences of longing, love, regret and release.”

Produced by Ian Foster, mixed by Scott Hammond, mastered by Richard Bradley and with design by award-winner Jerry Stamp, “THESE WORDS I CAN’T FORGET” features personnel of Newfoundland’s music industry’s finest. "My goal as producer is to try and capture the spirit of any artist or band in the moment they find themselves in.” says Foster. “The Duds are a mix of different elements all at once: playful yet confessional, upbeat yet balladeers, rootsy yet poppy sounding. We had a blast in studio drawing in different sounds that fit their vibe, and I think we got it on 'Words I Can't Forget.'

The Duds, backed by Peter MacDonald and Andrew Small, will release “THESE WORDS I CAN’T FORGET” at The Ship Pub in downtown St. John’s on March 28th. Opening the show will be ECMA and MusicNL Award-nominee Rachel Cousins.

Tickets are available online at

About The Duds: The Duds are Melanie O'Brien (guitar) and Philip Goodridge (piano), with an eclectic mix of original music and stylized covers.

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