Molton Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Sauce

with Strawberry Sauce

This gorgeous concoction comes from Chef Mark Gabrieau of Gabrieau's Bistro in Antigonish, NS.

With beautiful desserts like this, no wonder Gabieau's was recommended by Where to Eat in Canada for the thirteenth straight year!

Thanks for sharing Chef!!!


(Serves 4 people)
- 6 oz 170 gr Dark chocolate
- 5.5 oz 150 gr Sugar
- 2 oz 60 gr Cake flour
- 2 oz 60 gr Butter
- 4 Eggs
- 8 large Strawberries
- 1 - 2 Tbsps Sugar


strawberries- Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pot of simmering water, set aside.

- Then whisk the eggs and sugar thoroughly until light and fluffy.

- When it’s homogenous add the flour, then the melted chocolate mixture and work it for a few minutes.

- Take the mixture and put into a pastry bag or use a scoop.

- When ready to serve, fill the silicon muffin moulds and bake at 350’F for 7 minutes.

- When they are cooked, leave the cakes out of the oven for two minutes to rest, then take from the mould.

- Dust with icing sugar.

- For the sauce, puree in a blender, the strawberries and 1-2 Tbsp of sugar. Strain to remove the seeds.

seriving and tips

If using ramekins or tinfoil cups, brush the inside with melted butter then coat with sugar.


Gabrieau's For more on Gabrieau's visit their website

 and like them on Facebook at Gabrieau's Bistro



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