“Silver Linings” by Janice Landry

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 A Sweet Release

Posted: Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In a twist of fate, while penning her latest book, Halifax author and journalist Janice Landry had to actually use it to maneuver through a series of devastating losses.

"Silver Linings: Stories of gratitude, resiliency and growth" through adversity officially launches today and is Landry’s fifth book.

Landry set out to ask a group of remarkable people one question: “What are you most grateful for?”

All seventeen ultimately reveal their deepest gratitude is the result of some of life’s greatest challenges: terminal illness, sexual assault, death, accidents, divorce, and other traumas.

“I have long believed in the power of being grateful, so I set out to write a book to help people. I had no idea the first person that my book would actually help - was me,” says Landry.

Janice Landry pictured with her late mother Theresa Landry. Photo Credit: Niki Davison

While writing "Silver Linings," Landry’s life was upended when her mother, Theresa Landry, suddenly died, followed weeks later by the death of her long-time friend, Audrey Parker.

“The interviews were all done, but I was in deep grief when I actually wrote and edited this book. It ended up being such a blessing, as the subject matter helped me to mourn, grieve, and heal. This was the unexpected silver lining for me in a tragic time. This last year shook my gratitude practice to the core, but I have actually become more resilient and grateful,” says Landry.

"Silver Linings" offers readers moving personal accounts, (including Landry’s own story of loss), science-based evidence, as well as tips for coping and resiliency-building from top international experts, including Dr. Robert Emmons, from the University of California, Davis, the world’s leading researcher in the study of gratitude.

Building on Landry’s previous work, some of the stories feature first responders, or the family of emergency personnel. But "Silver Linings" also includes people from all walks of life and circumstances – because challenge, crisis, or trauma inevitably impact everyone.

“Gratitude and resiliency are key cornerstones in the field of mental health; in equipping us to cope with everything life brings. The more we talk about them, and cultivate them, the better off we will be. That’s why I’m proud to share these incredible stories of hope, all fueled by the simple power of being grateful,” says Landry.

"Silver Linings" is published by Nova Scotia’s Pottersfield Press. It is dedicated to Theresa Landry and Audrey Parker

Keep up with Janice on line website janicelandry.ca  on Twitter @JtheCanadian  and on InstaGram @jthecanadian

For more information and to buy Janice’s new book “SILVER LININGS: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency and Growth Through Adversity” click here.

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