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Posted: November 4, 2018

Forty-nine Music Nova Scotia Awards in forty-eight categories were handed out this evening, at the Music Nova Scotia Awards Celebration at the Holiday Inn in Truro, NS.

Mo Kenney won two awards, including Solo Recording of the Year and Rock Recording of the year. David Myles and Maxim Cormier also walked away with two awards each. David Myles won Recording of the Year and Americana/Bluegrass Recording of the Year, and Maxim Cormier won Acadian/Francophone Artist of the Year and Traditional/Roots Recording of the Year.

Music Nova Scotia’s board and staff wish to thank all of the individuals that helped make this event a success, including but not limited to performers, delegates, sponsors, committees, fans, family, and the entire Truro community.

What follows are the the nominees in all categories with the **winners** being noted as such - CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!!! SABS

Flagship Construction Entertainer of the Year
David Myles
**Makayla Lynn**
Mo Kenney
Reeny Smith
T. Thomason

Solo Recording of the Year
Ben Caplan – “Old Stock”
Christina Martin – “Impossible to Hold”
David Myles – “Real Love”
Gabrielle Papillon – “Keep the Fire”
**Mo Kenney – “The Details”**
Quake Matthews – “Celebrate The Struggle”

Group Recording of the Year (presented by Subway)
Beach Bait – “Beach Bait”
**Hillsburn – “The Wilder Beyond”**
Kilmore – “Call of the Void”
Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset – “Half Girl Half Ghost”
No, It’s Fine. – “No, It’s Fine.”
The Stanfields – “Limboland”

Music Video of the Year (presented by Vintage Mouldings)
Christina Martin – “Always Reminding” (Directed by Ryan Thompson)
Heather Rankin – “Titanically” (Directed by Thom Fitzgerald)
**Jessie Brown – “Undertow” (Directed by Gavin MacLean)**
Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset – “Handshake Deal” (Directed by Jeff Miller)
Nicole Ariana – “Act I: Infatuation” (Slowly) (Directed by Nicole Ariana, Edited by Jeff Miller)
Reeny Smith – “Good Girl Swag” (Directed by Loggo Lionel)

New Artist Recording of the Year (presented by O’Healthy Market)
Beach Bait – “Beach Bait”
Designosaur – “Seattle of the North”
K.U.$.H – “Smoke Signals”
Kilmore – “Call of the Void”
Know Issue – “All Humans Welcome”
**No, It’s Fine. – “No It’s Fine.”**

Recording of the Year
**David Myles – “Real Love”**
Gabrielle Papillon – “Keep The Fire”
Hillsburn – “The Wilder Beyond”
Jessie Brown – “Keeping Appearances”
Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset – “Half Girl Half Ghost”
Mo Kenney – “The Details”

SOCAN Songwriter of the Year
**Gabrielle Papillon- “When the Heart Attacks” (Gabrielle Papillon)**
Hillsburn – “Time of Life” (Paul Aarntzen)
Kayo – “Reckless” (Filbert Salton)
Pat LePoidevin – “Rifle” (Pat LePoidevin)
Reeny Smith – “Good Girl Swag” (Reeny Smith)
The Stanfields – “Afraid of the World” (Jon Landry, Calen Kinney, Dillan Tate, Mark Murphy, Jason MacIsaac)

Acadian/Francophone Artist of the Year
Comté de Clare
Mary Beth Carty
**Maxim Cormier**
P’tit Belliveau

African Nova Scotia Artist of the Year (presented by the Town of Truro Diversity Advisory Committee)
Ced, Marty & Dave
Jay Mayne
Julia Tynes
**Reeny Smith**

Alternative Recording of the Year
Beach Bait – “Beach Bait”
Designosaur – “Seattle of the North”
June Body – “Life from Underneath”
No, It’s Fine. – “No, It’s Fine.”
Pat LePoidevin – “Captain Myles & The SPR”
**POSTDATA – “Let’s Be Wilderness”**

Americana/Bluegrass Recording of the Year
**David Myles – “Real Love”**
John Gracie – “Hollow Street”
Mama’s Broke – “Count The Wicked”
Museum Pieces – “Plain Sight”

Blues Recording of the Year (presented by the Belly Up BBQ & Grill)
**Dan Doiron – “Livin’ Centre Stage”**
Elise Besler – “Truth”
Myles Goodwyn – “Myles Goodwyn & Friends of the Blues”
Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys – “Things Keep Lookin’ Up”
Wayne Nicholson and The Eastenders – “Diggin The Dirt”

Children’s Artist of the Year (presented by McDonald’s)
Ashley Moffat
Matt The Music Man
**Razzmatazz for Kids**

Classical Recording of the Year
Con Spirito Duo – “Introducing the Con Spirito Duo”
India Yeshe Gailey – “Lucid”
**Jeff Reilly – “To Dream of Silence”**

Country Recording of the Year (presented by the Best Western Glengarry Plus Hotel)
Cameron Nickerson – “Detours”
Lisa Richard – “Tangled Up (EP)”
**Ryan Cook – “Having A Great Time”**
Witchitaw – “The Ride”

Electronic Artist of the Year (presented by Ticketpro)
Smaller Hearts

Folk Recording of the Year (presented by The Old Triangle)
**Ben Caplan – “Old Stock”**
Caribou Run – “Old Peninsula”
Doug Hawco – “Life On The Water”
Dusty Keleher – “The Way To Grace b/w The Road To Conamara: Songs and Stories in the Old Style”
Ian Sherwood – “Bring The Light”
McGinty – “Till We Meet Again”

DJ of the Year
DJ Douvet
DJ Fadzwa
**DJ IV**

Digital Artist of the Year
Makayla Lynn
Port Cities
Quake Matthews
**The Town Heroes**

Hip Hop Recording of the Year (presented by the Cobequid Dance Academy)
ChanHays – “Here”
J-Bru – “The King’s Home”
Jay Mayne – “Call It What You Want”
Kayo – “Winter In St. Lucia”
**Quake Matthews – “Celebrate The Struggle”**

Jazz Recording of the Year
The Blue Lane – “Blue Land (Solar/Lunar)’
**Jerry Granelli – “Dance Hall”**
New Hermitage – “One”
Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington – “Bicoastal Collective: Chapter 5”
Tin Pan Darlings – “Inside a Melody”

Loud Recording of the Year
The Bloody Hell – “The Bloody Hell”
Doom Machine – “Let There Be Doom/ Vol. 4.5”
Dumpster Mummy – “Dumpster Mummy 2”
**Kilmore – “Call of the Void”**
Spirit of the Wildfire – “Paradisolation”

Indigenous Artist of the Year
**Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers**
Cal Johnson
Devon Paul
Kalolin Johnson

Musician of the Year (presented by Koltech)
Damien Moynihan
J.R. Smith
Kyle Cunjak
**Leith Fleming Smith**
Mike T. Kerr
Tori Cameron

Pop Recording of the Year (presented by Open Hearth Park)
**Christina Martin – “Impossible to Hold”**
Gabrielle Papillon – “Keep The Fire”
Hillsburn – “The Wilder Beyond”

Rock Recording of the Year (presented by Aggregate Equipment)
Alert The Medic – “Let Them Have Their Fun”
The Brood – “Transistor”
Jessie Brown – “Keeping Appearances”
Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset – “Half Girl Half Ghost”
**Mo Kenney – “The Details”**
The Stanfields – “Limboland”

Traditional/Roots Recording of the Year (presented by Warner Music Canada)
Celtic Rant – “Ornaments”
Dara Smith-MacDonald & Adam Young – “The Lake Sessions”
Gillian Head – “Tidal”
Jeremy Finney – “Tip The Bottle”
**Maxim Cormier – “Maxim & Gervais Cormier: Cape Breton Guitar”**
Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald – "South Haven"


Booking Agent of the Year (presented by CBDC NOBL)
Bruce Morel
**Jason MacIsaac**
Stephanie Purcell
Wayne O’Connor

Community Presenter of the Year (presented by MacQuarrie’s Pharmasave)
Cecilia Concerts
Deep Roots Music Cooperative
**Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society**
Merigomish Schoolhouse Community Centre
Strathspey Performing Arts Centre
Town of Port Hawkesbury

Company of the Year
Forward Music Group
Jones & Co.
Pigeon Row
Sonic Entertainment
Sound of Pop
**The Syrup Factory**

Corporate Sponsor of the Year (Presented by Hampton Inn)
**Casino Nova Scotia**
Jules Chamberlain at Red Door Realty
Molson Coors Canada
TD Bank

Educator of the Year (presented by Dalhousie Agricultural College)
**Craig Mercer**
Elise Besler
Jody Lyne
Maxim Cormier
Shannon Quinn
Tracey MacNeil

Event of the Year (presented by Events Truro Colchester)
**Halifax Jazz Festival**
Halifax Pop Explosion
Halifax Urban Folk Festival
In The Dead of Winter Festival
Nova Scotia Mass Choir Presents – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Concert – The Dream Continues
United Not Isolated Festival

Industry Professional of the Year (presented by The Tweed Suit – Traditional Barbering)
Andree Gracie
Caroline Murphy
**Dana Beeler**
Erin McGuire
Owen Lee
Stephanie Purcell

Live Technician of the Year
Alex Ford
Blaine Fraser
Lucas Reeves
Ryan Smith
**Trevor DeSouza**
Wayne O’Connor

Manager of the Year
Alyssa Gallant
Bruce Morel
Kyle Cunjak
**Melanie Stone**
Nigel Jenkins

Media Professional of the Year
Ana Almeida
Bill Roach
Hillary Windsor
Paul Brothers
**Stephen Cooke**
Tara Thorne

Producer of the Year
Alex Meade
**Daniel Ledwell**
Jon Landry
Jordan Metro
Myles Goodwyn
Scott Ferguson

Production Company of the Year
Bernie’s Audio
Tour Tech East

Promoter of the Year
Jeff Pineau (The Seahorse/Marquee)
**Mike Campbell**
Sonic Concerts

Publicist of the Year
Sarah Atkinson
Kimberly Sinclair
**Trevor Murphy**
Wendy Phillips

Radio Program of the Year
East Coast After Dark – 97.5, CIOE
East Coast Countdown – Syndicated
**East Coast Music Hour, 90.5, CBC**
East Coast Rising – 101.5, The Hawk
Route 104 – 104.3, Q104
Sweet Music - 94.1, East Coast FM

Radio Station of the Year (Presented by Theriault Financial)
CFRQ-FM, 104.3, Q104
CIGO-FM, 101.5, The Hawk
CKBW-FM, 98.1, CKBW Radio
**CKDU-FM, 88.1, CKDU**
CKOA-FM, 89.7, The Coast
CKTO-FM, 100.9 FM, Big Dog Truro

Recording Studio of the Year
Codapop Studios
Echo Lake Studio
Lakewind Sound Studios
**New Scotland Yard**
The Sonic Temple

Studio Engineer of the Year
Daniel Ledwell
Darren van Niekerk
Jason Jenkyns
Michael “Sheppy” Shepherd
Scott Ferguson
**Thomas Stajcer**

Venue of the Year (presented by Ticketpro)
Highland Arts Theatre
Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre
**The Carleton**
The Commune
The Seahorse
The Union St.

Visual Artist of the Year
Glen Leck
**kt Lamond**
Megan Green
Sara Russell
Scott Blackburn
James Bennett

Volunteer of the Year (presented by Subway)
**Christine Latter-Stratton**
**Eirinn Fraser**
Liz Gigi Sdraulig
Miriam MacDonald
Tim Thibault
Zach Glennen

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