The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got Was…


Originally Posted: December 2011

That was me aged 5 3/4 on Christmas morning with my Dad (aka Smiling Jack Swinimer), that fading person in the best christmas presentthe middle - my brother John Michael and the best Christmas present I ever got...

my Barbie Camper.

It might look like my brother's toy by the way he's posing, but let's be clear...Santa brought that for me - as per my letter and I played with that camper til the cows came home.

My daughter got one last year and I wrote about it (post), and while I know it was on her wish list too - it's fair to say I loved mine way more.

All this to say - it got me thinking and wondering...

"What was the best Christmas present you ever got"?

I thought it would be fun to put that question to some of the good East Coast folks we've covered over the past little while along with some friends of SABS. Have a look...and just click on the 'postcards' to enlarge...enjoy!

Mark Critch - This Hour Has 22 Minutes Host, Actor, Comedian

Mark Critch Best Christmas gift ever - STar Wars X Wing fighter...

Marthe Bernard Republic of Doyle NL

Marthe Bernard Best Christmas present ever dolly

Gia Milani NB filmmaker

Keith Mullins NS musician

Keith Mullins Best Christmas present ever...drums

Jonathan Torrens TV host, actor & comedian PEI

Jonathan Torrens best present daughter INDIGO SUMMAR TORRENS

Tim Chaisson musician PEI

Tim Chaisson best gift ever his GT Snow Racer

Crystal Garrett TV Personality

Crystal Garrett best Christmas present - cabbage patch doll

Shawn Doyle - Actor, NL

Shawn Doyle best Christmas present ever his Dad's forgiveness

Dean Brody - Country Singer BC/NS

Dean Brody the best Christmas Present ever - my first football

Krystin Pellerin Republic of Doyle NL

Krystin Pellerin - best Christmas gift ever - her green Glow Worm

Mark Hiscock Shanneyganock NL

Mark Hiscock best Christmas gift ever - Takamine Guitar

Donna Alward Author NS

Author Donna Alward - best Christmas Present Ever

Shaun Majumder This Hour Has 22 Minutes host, actor, comedian

Shaun Majumder best Christmas gift ever - walkie talkies

Barry Canning - singer songwriter musician teacher NL

Barry Canning - best Christmas gift ever 1st guitar and amp

Chastity Fizzard - Model & Singer PEI

Chastity Fizzard - Best Christmas Ever...Remembering her father

Mark O'Brien actor Republic of Doyle NL

Mark O'Brien best Christmas present ever - Nintendo

Vinessa Antoine - Actress BEING ERICA & HAVEN

Vinessa Antoine best Christmas gift ever day to night barbie

Andrew Dale - The Once NL

Andrew Dale - best Christmas gift ever - a new family

Colin Grant Musician NS

Colin Grant best Christmas gift ever - homemade digger crafted by Dad

Sheree Fitch Author NS/NB

Sheree Fitch Best Christmas gift - loved ones safe and healthy

Jerry Stamp Musician NL

Jerry Stamp best Christmas gift ever - CD player

Janice Landry Ground Hog Productions

Janice Landry - best Christmas gift ever - dollhouse made by her father for her daughter

Brent Buchanan Radio Personality NB

Brent Buchanan best gifts ever are his 2 children

Erin Lannan Producer CTV Mornings Ottawa

Erin Lannan - best Christmas gift ever - a knight

Nicole Sullivan The Eagle Sydney, NS

Nicole Sullivan - best Christmas gift ever was every Christmas with her family

Lana Grant - best Christmas gift ever eye surgery

Tami Lynn Ross designer, blogger, filmmaker NS

Allan Hawco - Republic of Doyle

Ruth Lawrence film maker NL

Ruth Lawrence best Christmas gift ever

Tara Bradbury The Telegram - Arts/Lifestyles reporter NL

Tara Bradbury the best Christmas gift ever was hungry hungry hippos

The Domestics band NL

The Domestics best Christmas present ever - Ian lithograph Sandy Thriller jacket

Mike Shepherd - Lakewind Sound Studios

Mike Shepherd - best Christmas gift ever - black guitar from his dad

Paul Allen Mornings Magic 93 Charlottetown, PEIPaul Allen best Christmas present - olympic torch

Holly DeWolf - Illustrator& author,  NB

Holly DeWolf best Christmas present ever - doll house

Makayla Lynne - Recording Artist

Makayla Lynn - best Christmas Present ever Fur Real Friend horse

Katherine Dines - Radio Personality ON/NB

Katherine Dines - best Christmas present ever - a special book

Tonya Kennedy - Recording Artist

Tonya Kennedy best Christmas gift ever was her engagement ring and proposal

Jeff White - Principal Partner Kula Partners

Jeff White - best Christmas gift ever Swiss Army Knife from Grandfather

Georgina Reilly - Actress UK/TO/NL

Georgina Reilly - Best Christmas present - Laura Ashley dress

Jocelyn Saulnier - Graphic Designer/Art Director NB

Jocelyn Saulnier - best Christmas gift purse and mini lipstick

Joel Kelly - Marketing Halifax

Joel Kelly best Christmas present ever Blad Runner umberella

Stephen Cooke Entertainment Halifax Chronicle Herald

Stephen Cooke - Best Christmas present ever - tickets to Australia

Steve Vernon - Author


Wry and Ginger - Red Ryder BB Gun Best Christmas gift ever

Marc Fortin huge SABS supporter and friend

Marc Fortin - best Christmas gift ever his son Felix

Kim Wempe singer songwriter

Kim Wempe best gift ever - her partner Warren flying out west

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  1. Great idea! This allows us to have a peek into the personal/intimate worlds of these well known people. It was nice of them to share.

    Comment by Michelle Gillies — December 23, 2011 @ 9:16 am

  2. My best Christmas waswhen I got mylong awaited Cabbage Patch Kid. I loved her to death and still Have her in my 30's

    Comment by Simon — November 16, 2012 @ 1:37 pm

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