SABS GREAT 8 Birthday Salute for July 23rd from Maureen Ennis & Perry Chafe

Posted: July 23, 2018

This is unbelievable!!! Talk about your dynamic duos!!!

We're so excited to get today's GR'8 #SABS8 Birthday Salute from none other than multi award winning singer, songwriter and musician Maureen Ennis and superstar creator, writer, producer... and songwriter Perry Chafe.

Enter their names and you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of the brand new album from The Ennis Sister - KEEPING TIME as our daily prize for July 23rd, 2018 and qualify for our GREAT STAY grand prize draw.

We've loved featuring these two NL talents on SEA AND BE SCENE over the years.

Maureen, along with sisters Karen and Teresa, has been a staple in our music features. Thanks to all the incredible tunes The Ennis Sisters have released and their never ending list of gigs around the globe we've had no shortage of wonderful news to share.

As for Mr. Chafe he's been a little harder to capture and not because we weren't fans of his work.  Although ever-elusive - as the co-creator, co-show runner, co-executive producer and writer of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE Perry was on our radar right out of the gate.

Getting him to chat about it was a little trickier.  We finally wore him down at the Season 5 Premiere Party in St.John's (you can watch that here).

Perry's creativity at Take the Shot continued with great series work on FRONTIER and CAUGHT and there's plenty more to come so stay tuned there.

So yes - separately these two Newfoundland talents are off the chart great, but what makes this #SABS8 salute so super special is that it's delivered by NL's hottest new songwriting partners. So hot in fact we've given them their own hashtag and will refer to them forever more as simply #PERREEN.  Their undeniable chemistry can be found in the form of tree tracks on The Ennis Sisters latest CD including "Last of a Kind", "Daughters of Newfoundland" and the title track "Keeping Time."

They really are terrific together!!!

So Maureen and Perry thank you both for making the time to celebrate our 8th Birthday.  For your phenomenal creativity over the years and for your constant support of SEA AND BE SCENE we're so very grateful.  And for today's GR'8 #SABS8 Salute - we're over the moon!

Thank you #PERREEN from the bottom of our hearts! xosabs

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