SABS GREAT 8 Birthday Salute for July 22nd from Erin Lannan & Kurt Stoodley

Posted: July 22, 2018

Talk about your sweet Sunday salutes!!!  In fact this GR'8 #SABS8 Birthday Salute - comes with double the Capital Cool!!!

That's because it was sent in all the way from our Nation's Capital by none other than New Brunswick's own Erin Lannan and NL fella Kurt Stoodley.

Enter their names and you'll be you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of "A Man of My Word" by Beaton Tulk with Laura Blackwood Pike as our daily prize for July 22nd, 2018 and qualify for our GREAT STAY grand prize draw.

I had the great pleasure of working with Kurt and Erin when we all did morning TV in Ottawa, and since then I've loved having them featured here on the site (be sure to check out those links at the bottom.) They're always up to something wonderfully exciting there in Ontario and it's fun keeping track of it.

We had a wonderful chat with Kurt on SEA AND BE SCENE... And HEARD - covering all the bases from his early days in radio in St.John's, NL, to his co-hosting BREAKFAST TELEVISION here in Halifax, to his time in the anchor desk in Alberta and onto his long run on the morning show in Ottawa.

It was great fun and you can listen/download that episode here.

These days Kurt is going great guns in the world of real estate - a perfect fit for a fella who knows the Ottawa area better than anyone. Be sure to visit his site

As for Erin - well there's never a dull moment with her either.  Case in point - her brand new gig as Broadcast Event Specialist for for Shopify. An awesome new e-commerce platform with such merchants as Tesla, Kylie Jenner, and to bring it all home East Coast Lifestyle!

I sure do think the world of you two and I'm so very grateful you made the time to share in SEA AND BE SCENE's GR'8 Birthday celebration.

Erin and Kurt for your sweet #SABS8 salute (in which it's wonderful to see those wedding rings) and for your longtime friendship - THANK YOU!  You're the very finest kind xo sabs

While you're here check our our previous features with Kurt and Erin - SABS 6th Salute, Kurt's Cool People Profile, Erin's Cool People Profile, The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got, POSTcard – A Monster of a Moment, BOO-tiful Halloween, Picture to Prove it: Capital Connection

AND be sure to check out Kurt & I making a Chocolate Trifle on the morning show back in the day! What a riot....and a great recipe. Click here to view

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