SABS GREAT 8 Birthday Salute for July 14th from Meaghan Smith

Posted: July 14, 2018

Guitars, lights... now it's a party!

How wonderful to get this GR'8 #SABS8 Birthday salute from the award-winning and marvelous Meaghan Smith!

Enter her name and you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of “Be a City Nature Detective” by Peggy Kochanoff as our daily prize for July 14th, 2018 and qualify for our GREAT STAY grand prize draw.

Now, for the sake of full transparency, we should tell you - we're smiling ear to ear getting this great greeting from Meaghan.  For two reasons really. Number 1 - she's super cool and very kind, and number 2 - these days she's been making us cry quite a bit.... for going on a year now really.  More to the point - she's been moving us to tears with her heartfelt OUR SONG project.

We had a chance to get the inside scoop on the whole thing from Meaghan herself during an episode of SEA AND BE SCENE...And HEARD last September (listen/download the podcast version here), and ever since then we've been swept up in the musical magic she's been making each month.  Each song is carefully crafted to tell a story by request.

Meaghan dubbed the project "OUR SONG" because she's truly weaving in all the feelings each person has shared with her to create a one-of-kind concoction of music and lyrics that's equal parts incredibly personal and somehow universal too.  You should grab a kleenex and go to Meaghan's OUR SONG project and listen.  You'll hear what we mean.

Ms.Smith thank you so much for making the time to join in our 8th Birthday celebration and for sending this GR'8 #SABS8 Salute!

You're the very knees of the bee!!! xo sabs

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