SABS GREAT 8 Birthday Salute for July 12th from Chris Ryan

Posted: July 12, 2018

Well now - whaddaya make of this bit of business?!

A truly spirited approach to a GR'8 #SABS8 Birthday salute - 8 shots served up with a smile by none other than wonderful St.John's singer songwriter Chris Ryan!

Enter his name and you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of Chris Ryan's self titled CD as our daily prize for July 12th, 2018 and qualify for our GREAT STAY grand prize draw.

Hard to beat a toast from this #NLfella who we've been celebrating since the moment we met back in 2015 during East Coast Music Week in his hometown (watch the show here).

Hopefully you caught our great chat with the man for a music filled edition of SEA AND BE SCENE...And HEARD just a few weeks ago (listen/download here).

We covered a whole lotta bases including his big break with Toby Keith, his love of live performance, his righteous writing mates, his first go at the guitar and all the famous folks he plays hockey with as a member of the REPUBLIC OF DOYLE squad. Great fun indeed.

Do what ya can to catch the man live as Chris continues to play throughout the summer.

Thanks so much for this GR'8 #SABS8 Salute and cheers to you too Mr.Ryan - you're the finest kind sir!!!

You can find Chris Ryan on line on his website  on Twitter @CryanNL on Facebook @chrisryanmusicca  Instagram @chrisryannl

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