Lisa Rose Snow Directs ROGUE BRIDAL

Posted: April 21, 2018

We're always so thrilled to celebrate the creativity of Nova Scotia's Lisa Rose Snow and let's be clear - between her acting, writing, script supervising, film making and more, she's kept us pretty busy with all the projects she's been a part of since our 2010 launch.  In fact - if you listened to our SEA AND BE SCENE...And HEARD podcast chat with Ms.Snow you'd know this past year has been her busiest yet complete with her directing her very first episode of TV!

Now we're pleased to tell you that show is making it's world premiere on Tuesday, April 24 at 9 pm ET/PT - 10pm Atlantic 10:30pmNF. TUNE IN!!!

ROGUE BRIDAL is a brand new, Makeful original scripted comedy pilot that "follows the fish-out-water struggle of Jules (played by Katherine Genge), a disgraced, high-end wedding planner who has embarked on reinventing herself as an independent DIY wedding wizard with the help of her marriage-adverse sister, Devyn (played by Jess Beaulieu).

"So much heart and hard work went into this joyous project. I'm so excited for the whole team and for the opportunity to make my television episodic debut." LISA ROSE SNOW

Created in part with funding from the Canadian Media Fund (CMF) - Lisa Rose is joined behind the scenes by Sam Linton (Executive Producer Blue Ant Media), Natalie Urquhart (Producer), Marni Van Dyk (Writer) Baun Mah (Editor) and Virginia Kilbertus (Composer).

We've got our fingers crossed the series will get a full order, so you can be sure we'll keep you posted on that and all the other stellar stuff Ms.Snow has on the go! SABS

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