Dylan Menzie – At Home Here on Prince Edward Island

Occupation: Musician

Place of Birth: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Currently Resides: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Where’s your favourite place in Prince Edward Island to grab a coffee?

I’m a big fan of The Kettle Black on Queen Street in Charlottetown. I think it’s 40% because the coffee is great and 60% because it’s half a block away from my apartment. Receiver on Victoria Row is also a favourite.

Where’s your favourite place in Prince Edward Island to grab a bite to eat?

Taste of India, Pho Hung, Churchill Arms, Stir It Up, this great gourmet burger place called McDonald's. It really depends on the day… and the deal, honestly.

Where’s your favourite place in Prince Edward Island to grab a pint?

Hopyard, is usually my go to spot. They have a great selection of records that you can sift through and have played. I’m pretty sure you can buy them too.  There’s also a cool new spot called the Craft Beer Corner directly beside Hopyard. I like them both so the ball’s in their court now.

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Prince Edward Island?

I love board games so I have to say The Comic Hunter in Charlottetown.

Where in Prince Edward Island would we stand to see your favourite view?

You would stand at the edge of the cliff at Cape Tryon Lighthouse.

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Prince Edward Island:

1. Cape Tryon Lighthouse

2. Greenwich National Park

3. Explore Charlottetown

What makes Prince Edward Island such a special place on earth for you?

There are so many things to love about Prince Edward Island. The beaches. The food. The people. But one of the things I love most is how quaint it is. The buildings in Charlottetown are only a few stories high and thanks to a lack of bedrock that’s all they’ll ever be. Big city life doesn’t and can’t exist here and the slower pace feels amazing after an exhausting tour. It also makes it an ideal location for the creation of art. Finally, Prince Edward Island is where I was born & raised. I feel such a sense of relief when the wheels hit the island getting off the bridge or ferry. It’s like I’m an elastic band that stops stretching when I’m home.

Be sure to connect with Dylan Menzie on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and catch him live whenever you can!!!

April 27th - Chester Playhouse - Chester, NS
May 3rd - Capitol Theatre - Moncton, NB
May 4th - Mermaid Imperial - Windsor, NS
May 5th - 2018 ECMA Argyle Street Fest @ ECMA Argyle Street Stage presented by RBC,  12:45 PM to 1:10 PM
May 5th - 2018 Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. Pop-Soul/Rock Stage @ The Marquee Ballroom  8:00 PM to 8:30 PM
For additional tour dates visit his website at dylanmenzie.com

SABS Note of Noteworthiness

Dylan was a part of CTV's THE LAUNCH and he was AWESOME! Take some time to watch his terrific turn at the Procol Harum classic "Whiter Shade of Pale"

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