SABStv In The Workshop – Starfish Ornament & SEAside Setting

December 2017

This year Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick celebrating the SEAson big time! That means they're in the workshop creating up a storm - with this year's theme SEAing Stars.

This segment features a handmade starfish ornament by The Sidekick herself, along with a starfish themed tree and a SEAside place setting.

WATCH how simple it all is to create and then incorporate starfish into your decor this Christmas! SABS

The starfish and wonderful assortment of starfish ornaments were sourced from our good friends at Oceanview Garden Centre in Chester, Nova Scotia. For more information visit their website at

The glitter and the star garland was sourced from Michaels.

That beautiful clay starfish was created by the good folks at Island Stoneware on Prince Edward Island.

While you're here - check out the other video features for this year's holiday theme SEAing Stars by clicking HERE.

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