SABStv In The Workshop 2017 – Peppermint White Chocolate Stars

December 2017

This year Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick celebrating the SEAson big time! That means they're in the workshop creating up a storm - with this year's theme SEAing Stars.

This segment features a SABStv Celebrating the SEAson classic recipe... with a new twist!  Our Candy Cane Bark took on a whole new life thanks to our new silicon star mold.

We picked it up at Michaels and we haven't looked back!  We even made our ice cubes for The Sidekick's Raspberry Starlight Punch (watch that here).

See how simple it is to make and create some for yourself this Christmas! SABS

While you're here - check out the other video features for this year's holiday theme SEAing Stars by clicking HERE.

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