Oh So Lovely LURE Caramel Co.

Posted: December 22, 2017

You might say hosting the Countdown To Christmas Contest every year is my version of "Oprah's Favourite Things." 

While I don't always get to see the excitement on the winner's face - I do know what were giving away here on SEA AND BE SCENE are some of the greatest gifts from Canada's EAST Coast - and some of my favourite things!  That's why this year's collection of presents includes a prize pack from the oh so lovely LURE Caramel Co. - they are without question the yummiest!

Each chocolate and caramel is crafted by hand - from start to finish. The caramel is handmade and hand poured into the molds, the chocolate is tempered and then each piece is dipped. The boxes are stamped, packed and tied all by hand!  That kind of attention to flavour and finish makes for the sweetest delight.

Kate Melvin is the marvel behind all the mouth-watering creations of LURE, and when asked about how she began this delicious business here's how she explained it...

"I studied Pastry Arts at NSCC in 2012 and while training for the National Skills Competition I created a chocolate dipped caramel for the chocolate component of the competition, it was a big hit (I won 2nd place in all of Canada!). After I finished up my course, my husband and I bought a little cottage and moved to Hacketts Cove.
As luck would have it, rhubarb restaurant in Indian Harbour happened to be hiring a pastry chef at the exact time I moved out to the bay! During the slower winter months at the restaurant I started making chocolates and caramels that I had created previously to keep busy and they started to fly off the shelves. What started as a little hobby during the winter has turned into a pretty full time gig cranking out chocolates and wrapping caramels as fast as I can!"

All I can say is... Ms.Melvin - wrap faster!!! SABS

Wondering where to buy LURE Caramel Co products click here

For more information on LURE Caramel Co. and to she Kate's amazing array of creations visit lurecaramel.com, like on Facebook at Lure Caramel and follow on Instagram @lurecaramel

We're giving away a LURE Caramel Co. Prize Pack which includes a 6 'Best Box' chocolate dipped caramels and a bag of 6 sea salt wrapped caramels in our 2017 Countdown To Christmas Contest.

Click on the picture below to get in on the winning.


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