Lana Grant’s Roasted Vegetable Soup

Posted: May 7, 2012

NL born, NS based Lana Grant is a gifted singer songwriter.

Lana GrantHer shows are a lovely blend of music and story telling, and are always a delight.

Turns out her talents extend to the kitchen too - so much so that she's in the midst of concocting a wonderful East Coast Story Cookbook entitled “Musicians, Memories & Morsels” with some great regional folks. That's due out later this year - but for now we're grateful she's sharing a tasty recipe... one she makes - Just Like her Mom Makes It.


When I was asked to think of a recipe that my mom (Susan) and I would have shared...or was special to us, I at first chuckled, as for most of my life my mom was a huge microwave oven cook!

Lana's Mom Susan, little Lana & Nanny JShe would sneak things past us like microwave deer meat spaghetti sauce (yup tasted as gross as it sounds). I know living in small towns in both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland should have prepared me for the love of wild game...but sadly I never warmed to it.

Luckily as time went on my mom started to improve on her meal prep and I can now say I enjoy popping over to her house (which is happily five minutes down the road from me) for a meal once in awhile! If I had to pick my mom’s specialty, I would say it is soup...she makes a mean pot of many different kinds. She’s often putting together bulk batches for church suppers, friend gatherings and family events.

One recipe we love the most and both collaborated to bring it to soup perfection is our Roasted Vegetable Soup – almost like a bisque, but with no cream! I hope you enjoy this super easy and low fat recipe as much as we do! Love you Mom – Happy Mother’s Day! LG

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

6-10 cloves of garlic (peeled and left whole)

6-7 carrots peeled

4-5 large ripe tomatoes

Peppers (red, orange and yellow mix works the best)



2-3 onions

(If you have other hearty style veggies you could also add them in: i.e squash, turnip, etc., but I find this combo works best for my tastes)

1 box of low sodium chicken stock (can use veggie stock as well)

1-2 TBSP of Basil (I use the fresh basil in the tubes from the produce section or you can you use the frozen cubes or not use the dried basil for this recipe)

May Method

Preheat oven to at least 400 degrees

Grease Baking Sheet or pan (with side) with olive oil  - I find the metal ones seem to roast the veggies nicer

Peel, wash and cut up large chunks of and place in greased pan: Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, Garlic and any other veggies you would like...

Note- Tomatoes should be cut in quarters or large chunks (I always slice off the stem top and bottom and some of the harder white core pieces inside)

Note - Peppers do not have to be peeled – just washed and cut up

Then drizzle a little more olive oil over top (about ¼ cup)  and sprinkle with salt and pepper

Bake for about 40-50 min... 'til veggies look nice and roasted (shouldn't be crunchy, to make blending easier)

Stir a couple of times during baking

Once done, place roasted veggies in a dutch oven or soup pot

Add the chicken (or veggie) stock to the pot

Add the Basil

A little more salt and pepper to your taste

With a hand blender right into the soup pot or use a regular blender, puree the soup until there are no large veggie chunks. You can make it as smooth or as as textured as you desire.

It`s ready to eat right away, but tastes even better the next day!

This recipe easily doubles and modifies to your veggie preferences, plus it freezes really well! Enjoy

Be sure to check out Lana's Cool People Profile and more info on "Musicians, Memories & Morsels" visit her official website at



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