Hey Bahds - just when you thought they couldn't be busier - the dynamic duo of Jeremy Taggart and PEI native Jonathan Torrens are poised to bring their podcast to the small screen and YOU can be there to watch it all happen.

Since launching their (almost) weekly show three years ago TnT's legion of fans has been steadily growing, as have the number of characters generated throughout the podcast's evolution.  Expanding the story lines of Andrea & Laremy, Gord & Bernie, Gino & Joe, Donavan et al. was a big rationale for the pilot as Jonathan explains in their latest poddy.

While the fellas have brought their show to clubs across Canada in the past - we're certain those heading to the Seahorse in Halifax, NS on September 26th for the filming are in for something out truly out of the ordinary.  For more information on and tickets to the taping click here.

Following that date Taggart and Torrens will hit the road in support of their forthcoming book "Canadianity: Tales From The True North Strong And Freezing"  which is scheduled for release on October 17th.

For all things Taggart and Torrens visit taggartntorrens.ca

Be sure to follow Jonathan on Twitter @TorrensJonathan and Jeremy @Taggart7

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