Busy Times for LYNDA BOYD

Posted: September 13, 2017

It's always so lovely to hear from a kindred spirit - especially when they've got as much on the go as Lynda Boyd.

The BC born actress we came to love as Rose Miller on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE is currently starring in two new amazing projects.

The first is a new series called TIN STAR for Sky Atlantic in the UK and Amazon Prime in North American, in which Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning actor Tim Roth (ROB ROY) plays a British Sheriff of a small mountain town overrun by migrant oil workers. Lynda plays Randy who owns the local bar (called Randy's) catering to the town's oil workers, bikers and Tim Roth's character who also happens to be a drunk.

According to Lynda - the violent and gritty show described as "TWIN PEAKS meets BREAKING BAD" was anything but that off screen.

"My time on the TIN STAR set was a total laugh riot. Seriously. So many fun, awesome people on the callsheet; cast and crew!

That cast also includes Christina Hendricks (MAD MEN) and Genevieve O'Reilly (ROGUE ONE). TIN STAR premiered in Britain to rave reviews on September 7th and has already been renewed for a second season which Lynda tells me will begin filming in High River, Alberta this coming February.

Have a look...

Ms.Boyd's other cool project is a 10 part anthology series for FX called TRUST.  Based on the life of the legendarily wealthy Getty family led by Jean Paul Getty, an American industrialist and oil giant.  In it Lynda plays Jacqueline Getty - a role for which she was cast by Oscar Winning director Danny Boyle (how awesome is that?!). Boyle directed the series opener and serves as co-producer of TRUST, whose cast also includes Brendan Fraser (THE MUMMY), Hillary Swank (MILLION DOLLAR BABY) and New Brunswick's own Donald Sutherland (HUNGER GAMES) as J.Paul Getty himself.

"I did a ton of research on the Gettys," Lynda shared. "Their 'trust' fund was the largest in the world, yet most of the Getty's lives were and are surreal and tragic. In 1973, J. Paul Getty was the richest man in the world, yet he wouldn't pay the ransom to his grandson's kidnappers!"

That kidnapping serves as the story line for the series.  Boyd's scenes were filmed just north of Rome this past summer on what she called a "spectacular estate".  Her signature red locks were covered up with a blonde wig for her turn in TRUST, as witnessed in the sweet shot she's shared of her and Danny Boyle at wrap.

TRUST is still listed to be 'in production' with no premiere date having been slated, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as one has been announced.

Now you know we couldn't connect with Lynda without seeing what she's heard about REPUBLIC OF DOYLE the movie....

"Wouldn't a movie be great? Or maybe a 6 part mini? I would love to be a Doyle again. Hello Allan (Hawco) and Perry (Chafe)! And I miss St. John's a ton. Would be a dream come true to come home."

Hard to argue with any of that - although we're still no further towards any concrete evidence REPUBLIC OF DOYLE is set to return anytime soon (to the big or small screen).  BUT - You have to know we've got our ear to the ground on that one and we'll post as soon as there's any word.

In the meantime we'll send a warm round of thanks to Ms.Lynda Boyd for keeping SEA AND BE SCENE in the loop when it comes to her exciting world.   We'll look forward to watching her upcoming TV projects... and to seeing her in real life before too long.  SABS

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