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Homemade bread…ya can’t beat it!  This video, created by NL native now NS resident Kevin McCann, features the most delicious kind of the homemade variety – that made by his Mom.

It’s lovely to view and a great recipe for you to make too – so watch and then do just that.

In an effort to learn a little bit more about the wonderful 'team' behind the production - I asked Kevin to provide me with a bit of background on the baker, the bread, the video and the videographer himself… these were his answers

Anita McCannWho is the Baker?

My mom, Anita McCann,  who was born and raised in Northern Bay, NL. She and my father – Ed McCann -- maintain a residence in Gull Island, NL. Now retired, she was a teacher for 30 years.


Tell Us About the Bread…

The recipe is quite possibly 100s of years old. It's the recipe my mother grew up with, and the recipe she used making bread all of her life.

bread We believe it's been passed down through generations, and now is just innately known by people of her generation in her family. It also happens to be the recipe that my father's family used. The purpose of the video was for me to capture the process in action, so I could innately know it too, and perhaps pass along.

My parents made this bread at least once a week growing up, and we rarely bought bread from the store. Variations include rolls, sweet molasses bread, whole wheat bread, toutons, etc -- all follow the same process with slightly different ingredients. As a child, I remember watching my parents make this bread (both of them make it) and just like my son in the video, being very interested in punching the dough, watching how it all came together, and eating it afterward. Making the bread is more than a process to get food; it's a social event most of the time.

Tell Us About the Video…

The video was shot in December of 2010.  It was a Sunday and I was at home, in Halifax, with my 2 boys: Kieran (5) and Patrick (3). Kieran is in the video and I think Patrick makes an appearance at the end.

Keiran with Anita McCannMy mother was visiting from the island for a few days and I had planned to capture her making bread on video, so I could have a hope of replicating it. As you can see in the video, she doesn't really measure anything or write anything down. The best way to actually follow the process is to see her do it, so I thought to record it and put it up on the web. Incidentally it's the # 3 hit on Google now for "Newfoundland Homemade Bread". I know friends in the U.S. and in Canada have seen it via Facebook and Twitter and have followed it to make their own bread.

Since recording the video, I've made bread probably a dozen or 2 dozen times in the past year, following this process. It is a great activity to do with kids -- they love to punch the dough and make a mess – and the outcome is very rewarding (fresh bread!). Even cooler, when you make bread, people really appreciate it when you give it as a gift; a loaf of warm homemade bread is a great, small gift (or so I'm told anyway).

Tell us a bit about yourself Kevin McCann…

I left Newfoundland in about 1997, and spent the majority of that time living and working in Washington, D.C. (2000 to 2010). I have a BA from MUN and an MEd from Dalhousie.

Kevin McCannWe moved to Halifax (my wife is Alex McCann, an American) when my oldest started to hit kindergarten age, in September of 2010 (so been back in Canada now for about a year and 4 months). We love being back in Atlantic Canada, travel to Newfoundland quite a bit (and back to D.C.), and make a lot of bread. My career in Washington and now in Halifax focuses on digital communications and public relations; currently lead the digital practice at MT&L Public Relations which has offices in St. John's, Halifax, and Saint John.

For more info on Kevin visit his site


  1. Loved the video.. Dinner at the McCann's is always a special treat for my husband and I.
    Like all McCann food, their homemade bread is awesome!

    Comment by Angela Kinsella — February 23, 2012 @ 8:43 pm

  2. Anita makes the best bread(and pastries, ever).So happy when she's out at the cabin so we can have some. Time is getting near that time when Edward and Anita will be there, can't wait, we have some good times.(Edward does a great job too)

    Comment by Edna — February 24, 2012 @ 5:41 pm

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