SABS 7th Birthday Salute for July 7th from Melissa Lloyd

Posted: July 7, 2017

Talk about your lovely #SABS7 Salutes....

This one comes from artist, designer and DOODLE Lovely creator, Hubbards, Nova Scotia native Melissa Lloyd.

Enter her name and you'll be eligible to WIN DOODLE Lovely's "CREATIVE Mind. HAPPY Soul." Journal (click on the pic to read more about it) as our daily prize for July 7th, 2017 and qualify for our HEAVENLY STAY grand prize draw.

Covering Canada's awesome East Coast for the past 7 years sure has kept us busy - and without question the best part has been the incredible people we've met.  Celebrating their creations and success stories here on SEA AND BE SCENE has allowed us to weave a wonderful tapestry of talents.

Melissa is a perfect example of that, so naturally we were thrilled to showcase her truly creative company when it launched late last year (click here for our feature article).

DOODLE Lovely's mission and products have been created with YOU in mind. They are designed to be inspiring, supportive, and guide you to a place of more calm, clarity, creativity, and confidence.

Be sure to visit her site - there you'll find all kinds of great advice and inspiration, not to mention some fantastic and FREE doodle projects that will get you started on your creative wander today!

You can also find DOODLE Lovely on Facebook at DOODLELovely , on Twitter @DOODLELovelyNow and on Instagram @doodlelovely

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