SABS 7th Birthday Salute for July 6th from Bruce Guthro

Posted: July 6, 2017

Now this is a sweet #SABS7 Salute!!!

Not only are we huge fans of this fella - but he was one of the first East Coast folks we featured here on SEA AND BE SCENE.

That of course is the handsome and talented, award winning, singer/songwriter, and Cape Breton son - Bruce Guthro!!!

Enter his name and you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of “The Sea Was in their Blood” by Quentin Casey (click on the pic to read more about it) as our daily prize for July 6th, 2017 and qualify for our HEAVENLY STAY grand prize draw.

They were early days, to be sure of it, when we caught up with Mr.Guthro for one of our first rounds of INsights IN 10 back in September of 2010 (watch), but we were fans of his music from way before then.  Ask anyone that follows us on Twitter and they'll tell you we've tweeted Bruce's 1998 hit "Falling" only about a thousand times over the past 7 years - it's a masterpiece.

We've loved covering Bruce's music since then - most especially his star studded songwriter's circles.  Matter of fact he'll host the 5th Annual Bruce Guthro Songwriters Circle at the Emera Centre Northside in his hometown of Sydney tomorrow night (July 7/17).  Bruce will be joined by legendary Cape Breton entertainer Sam Moon along with the wonderfully talented Laura Smith and Kim Dunn.  If you're in town - YOU SHOULD GO! For ticket info and more live dates click here.

And speaking of more live dates - Mr.Guthro's got a bunch of them lined up with his band Runrig. The Scottish rock band is currently touring with their 14th and final studio album The Story - with shows slated in Germany, Demark and France starting August 2nd.

Fair to say it's another busy summer underway for the man so we're thrilled he took the time to join in our 7th Birthday celebration.

Thank you so very much for this #SABS7 Salute Bruce Guthro - you're the very knees of the bee!!! SABS


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Twitter: @bruceguthro

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