SABS 7th Birthday Salute for July 3rd from Shawn Doyle & Billy MacLellan

Posted: July 3, 2017


Just when I thought these two guys couldn't get cooler...

I've gotta say I was floored by this #SABS7 Salute. Sent in by not one, but two award winning East Coast actors.

We last saw them share the small screen in the gripping CBC drama BELLEVUE, and to have them reunite on screen for SEA AND BE SCENE - well they just don't come sweeter than that.

In fact NL's Shawn Doyle and Cape Breton's Billy MacLellan are the finest kind to be sure of it! Not to mention funny...

Enter their names and you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of "The Trawlermen" by Clarence Vautier (click on the pic to read more about it) as our daily prize for July 2nd, 2017 and qualify for our HEAVENLY STAY grand prize draw.

And be sure to check out all the many videos, interviews and feature articles we've posted on Mr.Doyle and Mr.MacLellan over the years - you'll find them listed below.

Gentlemen, it's been my great pleasure to share all of your amazing projects here on the site so to have you share in our 7th Birthday celebration with this stellar #SABS7 Salute - well - it means the world to me!  Thanks ever so much Shawn and Billy - you're the best!! SABS

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