SABS 7th Birthday Salute for July 29th from Alan Doyle

Posted: July 29, 2017

Well this is the coolest!

A #SABS7 Birthday Salute from award-winning and wonderful, singer, songwriter, musician, producer, author and actor - the pride of Petty Harbour himself - Alan Doyle.

Enter his name and you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of Alan's CD SO LET'S GO as the daily prize for July 29th, 2017 and qualify for our HEAVENLY STAY grand prize draw.

You're never meet a finer NL fella that Mr.Doyle - or a busier one when ya thing of it!

If you follow Alan on Twitter @alanthomasdoyle and Instagram @alanthomasdoyle like we do - then you know he's forever on the go.

Alan and his Beautiful Gypsies keep the touring going all year long throughout Europe and North America - so it's no surprise this summer's been a busy one. They play Toronto's Festival of Beer tomorrow night and they'll be back on the EAST Coast next weekend for New Glasgow's Riverfront Jubilee on August 6th.  For tickets and a full list of concert dates click here.

There's also been plenty of work on producing and recording his forthcoming CD A WEEK AT THE WAREHOUSE! It'll be released this October but you can pre-order now. Fortunately for us fans he's released the first single "Summer Summer Night" with an amazing new video - WATCH...

And if all that wasn't enough he's been putting the finishing touches on his new book.  A follow up to his best selling WHERE I BELONG will be released October 17th.

Aptly Titled A NEWFOUNDLANDER IN CANADA: Always Going Somewhere, Always Coming Home Alan picks up where he left off "returning with a hilarious, heartwarming account of leaving Newfoundland and discovering Canada for the first time." You can read more about the book and pre-order a copy for yourself here.

All that and he's always songwriting and recording with other artists like Dean Brody and Maureen Ennis to name but a few.

Oh and amidst all that he was appointed to the Order of Canada for his contributions to the musical traditions of his home province and for his commitment to numerous local charitable initiatives!!!! Rightly so Mr.Doyle. Rightly so.

Bottom line - buddy's always some busy! So it's unbelievably awesome he's made time to celebrate our 7th Birthday!

Alan Doyle - thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of SEA AND BE SCENE over the years! You sure do give us plenty to write about and celebrate.  Keep it coming sir!  Thank you for this artistic #SABS7 Salute we're ever so grateful to you! SABS

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