SABS 7th Birthday Salute for July 16th from The Sidekick

Posted: July 16, 2017

Well, I won't kid ya - I'm thrilled to have this kid share in SEA AND BE SCENE's 7th Birthday Celebration.

I simply couldn't imagine having any kind of party without this girl - so I'm beyond happy to post a sweet #SABS7 Salute from The Sidekick!

Enter her name and you'll be eligible to WIN a SEA AND BE SCENE T-shirt as our daily prize for July 16th, 2017 and qualify for our HEAVENLY STAY grand prize draw.

After all - she didn't get her nickname for nothing!  The Sidekick has been with me from the start of this wonderful EAST Coast adventure.  In fact, she was just 3 years old when she made her debut on the site - conducting our 2010 Christmas Draw "old school".

Since then she's provided two perfect punch recipes, celebrated the SEAson with me in St.Andrew's by the Sea, and created enough Christmas Crafts to sink a ship. Year after year her role on the site has grown along with her - so much so that she Co-Hosted her first full episode of SEA AND BE SCENE TV last summer - taking on a ton of EAST Coast Food Trucks with a healthy heaping of fun! WATCH.

She is without question my biggest fan and most fantastic follower - and I without question am hers.  I'm so lucky to have had The Sidekick be a part of the SEA AND BE SCENE story for these past 7 years and beyond fortunate to have her as my daughter! SABS (mama)

the sidekick christmas

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