Sherman Downey & Matthew Byrne Winter Island Tour 2017

A Sweet Release...

The Winter Island Tour will soon be underway with Sherman Downey and Matthew Byrne heading out on that cold Newfoundland road to bring the island a truly unique collaboration in music and storytelling.

sherman-downey-matthew-byrne-winter-island-tour-2017This will be the 3rd year for the tour, which highlights the best of both artists as they perform together on stages throughout the province.

These two masterful storytellers have tapped into something special with the Winter Island Tour. Their preference for intimate settings coupled with an effortless chemistry on stage make for a wonderful evening of folk music.

“This tour has become one of my favourites of the year”, says Downey, “We look forward to visiting new nooks and crannies around the Province each time we partner up, and the audiences are honestly the best.”

This year’s tour has some new territory for the boys as they visit the Baie Verte Peninsula, Fogo Island Inn, Pouch Cove, and Petty Harbour. With each of them working on new solo albums to be released later this year, audiences are sure to be treated to many new songs as well.

Tickets are on sale now! For more info visit


sherman-downey-matthew-byrne-social-media-connectionsSABS On-Line Hook-Ups for Matthew Byrne


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SABS On-Line Hook-Ups For Sherman Downey


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