SABStv In The Workshop – Take-Away & Keepsake Trees

We love celebrating the SEAson here on Canada's East Coast and every year part of those celebrations include getting crafty.

SEA AND BE SCENE TV logo for siteSo with this year's theme of Christmas Trees - SEA AND BE SCENE TV host Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick head to the workshop to get busy.


The idea of the take-away tree really has evolved over the years.  Back in the day - before 'warp speed' - the days leading up to Christmas allowed for me to make ornaments to go on every gift given out during the holiday SEAson.  I miss those days.  Still I loved the idea of creating a reminder of each Christmas for those I know and love.

tartan-feature-300x295These days for smaller gatherings I'll place an ornament at each place setting to provide a lovely keepsake for guests - but for larger parties 'The Take-Away Tree' is a great option.  But you needn't have a a big gathering - you can place a special tree in your front hall and fill with handmade ornaments.  That way when folks come over you've got a little something for everyone.  As you'll see in the video - we've used our EAST Coast provincial tartans to make festive sachet ornaments, but for a simpler new-sew option - using glitter glue to mark the year or name of your guest on brightly coloured shatter proof balls is just as sweet.  So get as crafty as you want and put your own take on The Take-Away Tree.


aunt-elaineAsk anyone and they'll tell you - I prefer to give the gifts than to get them - especially at Christmas, but there is one present I look forward to every year with great expectation.

It's the gift my Aunt Elaine Demont has given me every year for a long, long time now - the Amos Pewter ornament of the year.  The "annual collector" ornament is created every year by the artisans at Amos Pewter "using time-honoured pewter practices and methods while at the same time offering innovative designs inspired by nature and our beautiful coastal surroundings."

2016-amos-pewter-cardinal_ornament-click-to-winThis year my collection has grown to the point of needing its own tree - what a lovely problem to have! It serves as a wonderful reminder of Christmases past, with symbols reflective of life on Canada's East Coast and most of all it's a symbol of generosity and love shared with me by my Aunt Elaine.  I'll treasure my ornaments always and pass them on to The Sidekick with a story to go with each one.

As mentioned in the video we're giving away this year's Amos Pewter annual collector ornament - the cardinal in our 2016 COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS Contest - the beauty of that is even if you missed the day - you can still WIN every prize on Christmas Day! To get in on the winning click here.


For the Take-Away Tree it should be noted - although I kept saying 'wicker' tree - but really it's classified as a grape vine tree.  This style of tree allows for many spots on which to hook and ease of hooking.  It's also light enough to be moved around the house throughout the SEAson depending on your function and it lasts from year to year.  The Keepsake Tree is faux and that's fantastic - as its sturdy wire branches provide ample support and security for the heavier pewter ornaments.

amos-ttBoth trees used in this segment were sourced from our good friends at Oceanview Garden Centre here in Chester, Nova Scotia.  They were with us for SABStv's Spring Special back in April, so it's wonderful to have them be a part of our Christmas celebrations too.  For more on the store visit

For more on all things Amos Pewter we invite you to visit their shop in Mahone Bay, along with their locations in Halifax and Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. For more information, a complete list of products and on line ordering go to

And one more shout out to THE GILMORE GIRLS - The Sidekick and I are HUGE fans so we hope you'll forgive our break in the Christmas action to salute their return.  All 7 seasons and the new 4 Part - A Year in The Life are now streaming on Netflix.


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  1. You are amazing!

    Comment by Melissa — May 19, 2017 @ 10:25 pm

  2. YOU ARE TOO SWEET!!! xosb

    Comment by sbeaumont — May 26, 2017 @ 4:37 pm

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