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Posted: November 7, 2016

The artists and industry folk of Music Nova Scotia gathered in Truro's Holiday Inn and Conference Centre last music-nova-scotia-2016-award-winnersnight to wrap up their 2016 Music Week and hand out the hardware.

We've posted all of the categories complete with ALL the nominees (because - YES - it is an honour just to be nominated) with the **winner** being noted as such.

Congratulations to EVERYONE in EVERY category - we're some proud of ya!

Now get back out there and keep making great East Coast Music!!! SABS

Entertainer of the Year
Adam Baldwin
**Ben Caplan**
David Myles
Erin Costelo
Ria Mae

Solo Recording of the Year (presented by Elegant Steps)
**Erin Costelo - “Down Below, The Status Quo”**
Keith Mullins - “The Heart of Everything”
Laurenn Marchand - “Ghosts in the Garden”
Ria Mae - “Ria Mae”
Shannon Quinn - “If All the Young Ladies”
Thom Swift - “The Legend of Roy Black”

Group Recording of the Year (presented by Frank & Gino's)
Hillsburn - “In The Battle Years”
Quiet Parade - “Quiet Parade”
The Brood - “Deranged Love”
The Stanfields - “Modem Operandi”
**The Town Heroes - “Please, Everyone”**
Three Sheet - “Heart to Make it Perfect”

Music Video of the Year (presented by Vintage Mouldings)
Adam Baldwin - "Daylight" (Director: Scott Simpson)
Alana Yorke - "Anthem" (Director: Paul McCurdy)
Classified - "No Pressure" (Directors: Dave Hung and Tyler Ross)
Erin Costelo - "Fighter" (Director: Daniel Ledwell)
Hillsburn - "Run Down" (Director: Mat Barkley)
**Ria Mae - "Gold" (Director: Alon Isocianu)** WATCH ABOVE

New Artist Recording of the Year (presented by O'Healthy Market)
Donald MacLennan - “Belleville”
Laura Roy - “Don't Chase”
Laurenn Marchand - “Ghosts in the Garden”
Ostrea Lake - “Rippling Waters EP”
**Shannon Quinn - “If All the Young Ladies”**
Tommy Green Jr. - “Tommy Green Jr.”

Recording of the Year (presented by My Home Apparel)
Adam Baldwin - “No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eighty-Five)”
Ben Caplan - “Birds With Broken Wings”
Classified - “Greatful”
David Myles - “Here Now”
Erin Costelo - “Down Below, The Status Quo”
**Ria Mae - “Ria Mae”**

SOCAN Songwriter of the Year (presented by SOCAN)
Adam Baldwin - "Rehtaeh" (Songwriter: Adam Baldwin)
Ben Caplan - "Birds With Broken Wings" (Songwriter: Ben Caplan)
Classified - "Work Away" (Songwriters: Luke Boyd & David Myles)
Erin Costelo - "Fighter" (Songwriter: Erin Costelo)
Keonté Beals - "Man Down" (Songwriter: Keonté Beals)
**Ria Mae - "Gold" (Songwriters: Ria Mae, Luke Boyd, John Fortis, Emre Ramazanoglu)**

Aboriginal Artist of the Year (presented by Millbrook First Nation)
Adrian Morris - Neon Dreams
**City Natives**
Mike Diabo - Urban Surf Kings

Acadian/Francophone Artist of the Year (presented by Grant Thornton)
Boudreau / Vanier
**Maxim Cormier**
Ronald Bourgeois
Selby Evans

African Nova Scotian Artist of the Year
Ced Marty & Dave
Jay Mayne
Keonté Beals
**Reeny Smith**

Alternative Recording of the Year (presented by NovelTea Bookstore Cafe)
Arsoniste - “Holes”
Cody Degaust - “Substance Romance”
Nap Eyes - “Thought Rock Fish Scale”
Ominar - “Leaving”
**Quiet Parade - “Quiet Parade”**
Walrus - “Goodbye Something EP”

Americana/Bluegrass Recording of the Year
E.B. Anderson & The Resolutes - “Cold Ground”
Hillsburn - “In The Battle Years”
**Old Man Luedecke - “Domestic Eccentric”**
Thom Swift - “The Legend of Roy Black”

Blues Recording of the Year (presented by BellyUp BBQ & Grill)
Joe Murphy & The Water Street Blues Band - “25 Years at the Moustache”
**Kim Dunn - “Inspiration”**
Mojo Martin - “Friday 13th”

Classical Recording of the Year 
Amy Brandon - “Scavenger”
**Halifax Camerata Singers - “A Time For All Things”**
Xara Choral Theatre Ensemble - “Here on These Branches”

Country Recording of the Year (presented by Best Western Glengarry Plus Hotel)
Andrew Frelick - “Time Stands Still - EP”
Casey May - “Eden”
Christopher Brown - “Christopher Brown”
Jason Price - “Grit, Guts and Country Pride”
Ruth Manning - “Tennessee Calling”
**Tj King - “Feels Right”**

Digital Artist of the Year
Ben Caplan
David Myles
Erin Costelo
Makayla Lynn
**Ria Mae**

DJ of the Year (presented by Upham's CARSTAR)
**DJ IV**
Sticks /Jay Andrews

Electronic Artist of the Year (presented by Canadian Music Week)
**Neon Dreams**
Scientists of Sound

Folk Recording of the Year (presented by The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse)
**Ben Caplan - “Birds With Broken Wings”**
Dave Gunning - “Lift”
Keith Mullins - “Keith Mullins”
Kev Corbett - “On the River Off the Lake”
Laurenn Marchand - “Ghosts in the Garden”
Ronok Sarkar - “Waiting For Alice”

Hip Hop Recording of the Year (presented by Andy's Tires)
Ally Dee - “A Bit About Me”
**Classified - “Greatful”**
Ghettosocks - “Wine 2”
Jay Mayne - “Still Chop Trees”
Ryszky Biz - “Rap Therapy”
Three Sheet - “Heart to Make it Perfect”

Inspirational Recording of the Year 
An Evening of Gospel - “I Will Raise My Hand”
David Bartlett - “After All These Years”
**Keonté Beals - “Keonté Beals”**

Jazz Recording of the Year (presented by Sea Shell Design)
**Donald MacLennan - “Belleville”**
Scott Macmillan - “Scott 'n The Rocks - Live at Stayner's Wharf”
Willem Paynter - “City Grit”

Loud Recording of the Year (presented by Noyes Records)
**Black Moor - “Brave To The Grave”**
Chaos Theory - “We Are Disaster”
Orchid's Curse - “Cynics & Liars”

Musician of the Year (presented by Patterson Law)
Donald MacLennan
**Keith Mullins**
Kev Corbett
Maxim Cormier
Shannon Quinn
Sticks / Jay Andrews

Pop Recording of the Year (presented by Beck & Boosh Jewelry and Styles)
David Myles - “Here Now”
Emily Stuart - “Expression”
Erin Costelo - “Down Below, The Status Quo”
Laura Roy - “Don't Chase”
**Ria Mae - “Ria Mae”**
Tommy Green Jr. - “Tommy Green Jr.”

Rock Recording of the Year (presented by Aggregate Equipment)
**Adam Baldwin - “No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eighty-Five)”**
The Brood - “Deranged Love”
The Stanfields - ”Modem Operandi”
The Town Heroes - ”Please, Everyone”

Traditional/Roots Recording of the Year (presented by Warner Music Canada)
Còig - “Carols”
Jeff Jodrey - “Carnival”
Nuallan - “Nuallan - The EP”
Prairie Sea - “Distance”
**Shannon Quinn - “If All the Young Ladies”**


Booking Agent of the Year (presented by CBDC NOBL)
Gabrielle Archer
**Jason MacIsaac**
Martin Maunder
Stephanie Purcell

Community Presenter of the Year (presented by MacQuarries Pharmasave)
Cecilia Concerts
Glasgow Square Theatre
Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre
Rath Eastlink Community Centre
The Marigold Cultural Centre
**The Pavilion**

Company of the Year
Forward Music Group
GroundSwell Music
Pigeon Row
**Sonic Entertainment Group**
Sound of Pop

Corporate Sponsor of the Year
92.9 Jack FM and News 95.7 (Rogers)
Big Dog 100.9 and Cat Country 95.9 (Bell Media)
**Casino Nova Scotia**
CKBW (Acadia Broadcasting)
Molson Coors Canada

Educator of the Year
**Craig Mercer**
Jessie Brown
Keith Mullins
Krista Keough
Michael McGuire
Shannon Quinn

Event of the Year (presented by Langille & Colburne - More than Events)
Canaan Country Music Festival
GroundSwell Music Festival
**Halifax Jazz Festival**
Halifax Pop Explosion
OBEY Convention
The Riverfront Jubilee

Industry Professional of the Year (presented by Casey Concrete Ltd.)
Erin McGuire
Ian McKinnon
Janesta Boudreau
Kimberly Sinclair
**Stephanie Purcell**
Trevor Murphy

Live Technician of the Year
Cory Leach
Jeff Harlow
Patrick Coleman
Ryan Smith
**Stephen "Snickers" Smith**
Trevor DeSouza

Manager of the Year (presented by Music Managers Forum)
Andree Gracie
Jon Landry
Mark Cwajna
**Melanie Stone**
Nigel Jenkins
Trevor Murphy

Media Professional of the Year
James Bennett
Paul Brothers
**Stephen Cooke**
Tara Thorne
Tom Bedell
Trevor Murphy

Producer of the Year
Daniel Ledwell
Erin Costelo
Fred Lavery
Jon Landry
Scott Ferguson

Production Company of the Year
Bernie's Audio
Sound Source Pro Audio
Tour Tech East

Promoter of the Year (presented by SRF2 Truro Mall Inc.)
Jeff Pineau - The Seahorse Tavern
Justin Murphy - Morbid Entertainment
**Sonic Entertainment**
Tiffany Spencer - Let's Riot Entertainment

Publicist of the Year
Grace Russell
Kimberly Sinclair
Lynn Horne
**Trevor Murphy**

Radio Program of the Year
**Halifax is Burning (CKDU-FM)**
Heard On Air (CKDU-FM)
Route 104 (Q104 FM)

Radio Station of the Year (presented by Theriault Financial)
92.9 Jack FM
101.5 FM The Hawk
Big Dog 100.9 FM
CBC Radio 1 (Halifax)
Q104 FM

Recording Studio of the Year
Codapop Studios
Halflife Studios
Lakewind Sound Studios
The Old Confidence Lodge
**The Sonic Temple**
Village Sound

Studio Engineer of the Year
Alex Meade
Daniel Ledwell
Darren van Niekerk
Luke Batiot
Michael Shepherd
**Scott Ferguson**

Venue of the Year (presented by Music Canada Live)
Glasgow Square Theatre
ROCA Music & Art House
**The Carleton Music Bar & Grill**
The Company House
The Marigold Cultural Centre
The Seahorse Tavern

Visual Artist of the Year
**Abracazebra Productions (Megan Green)**
Deep Hollow Print
Glen Leck
James Bennett
kt lamond
Sara Russell

Volunteer of the Year (presented by Local Love Truro)
Caleb Schriver
Emma Cassidy
Kailyn MacDonald
Pam Sampson
**Sarah Atkinson**
Tanya Beers

For more information on Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week 2016 (#NSMW) please visit



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