The Pellerin Post: Stratford Season 2 & Being Lady M

Posted: September 19, 2016

Finally - it's the return of The Pellerin Post!!!

Krystin Pellerin Pellerin Post 2016And perfectly timed too, as it gives us not only the opportunity to gain some insight into Krystin Pellerin's second season at Stratford, but also allows us a chance to salute her latest accomplishment.

Krystin Pellerin - just this past week - won the Best Actress Award at the 2016 Henley Film Festival (HFF) in the United Kingdom for her leading roll in the short NL film TOUCHTOUCH was also chosen by the judging panel at the festival as Best Short. Wonderful stuff!!!

Wonderful too are the reviews for the Mount Pearl, NL native's sophomore season on the renowned Stratford Festival stage.  Her turn as Lady MacBeth so incredibly received, and the show itself so "brilliant", so "monumental", such "a thrilling terror" that the run has been extended to November the 5th, 2016. Brava Ms.P and bravo all!!!

With only the tiniest break in the action we caught up to Krystin for a catch up, and we're so pleased to share what she shared during that exchange...

SABS: Last year you were a rookie - now you've gotta be feeling like a seasoned Stratford performer - right?! How was did you feel returning to the Stratford stage?

Kyrstin Pellerin: This really feels like my first true season at the Festival. Last year I was on what they call a 'Cadillac Track' with Possible Worlds, where I was doing only one show that had a short run later in the season. We were in The Studio Theatre with a small cast and it felt like we were very much in our own world.

It's been such an exciting season, I'm so fortunate to be in two beautiful shows - MacBeth and Bunny - and to be understudying in All My Sons.

SABS: You've received so many accolades for your work in MacBeth and as such a legendary character - tell us about being cast as Lady MacBeth? Was this a role you had dreamed of playing?

Krystin Pellerin: I never really thought to be considered for this part or be playing it at this age. I'm so grateful to Antoni Cimolino for casting me in this role and to be acting opposite Ian Lake. Antoni had such a beautiful vision of the play and it's been a thrill and a joy to be a part of that and to work towards that as a team. It's one of the greatest experiences I've had in a rehearsal hall and on stage.

Lady M is a dream role. Playing her on the Festival Stage has felt like a right of passage of some kind and she's changed me in incredible ways as an actor and a person. She's one of the greatest characters in English Lit, it's a dream come true for sure.

SABS: Last year's play Possible Worlds was modern and intimate - MacBeth massive in scale and - well it's Shakespeare.  What's it like working at opposite ends of the spectrum? I'm guessing there's a certain energy found in both?

Krystin Pellerin: I find it difficult to compare projects and talk about the differences because each play is it's own world and has challenges of it's own - and every time I feel like we're all asked to rise to occasion in a big way anytime we're on stage.

In Possible Worlds I really felt that Joyce was three personalities in one, she was mercurial, I feel that Lady M has similar qualities in that she is contradictory and ever changing and growing and almost impossible to pin down or put in a box as a character.

krystin pellerin in possible worlds and macbeth

In Possible Worlds one of the biggest challenges was the concept of time and living many lives at once and playing several story lines simultaneously. In Shakespeare I feel that the language is the key to everything, it's bottomless. You really have to allow the language into your heart, mind and soul as much as possible in order to connect with the character. There's no such thing as 'achieving' it though I don't think, with Shakespeare I just feel like I'm striving for a deeper and more heartfelt/gut level understanding of the language and the characters and what they're fighting for.

Macbeth feels massive on every level, I feel that Possible Worlds was a big part of being made ready for it. Nothing can really prepare you for Macbeth, it's a beast, you just have to jump in with both feet and give over.

SABS: Well we we're pleased to feature your righteous red wardrobe for Possible Worlds last year - can you share a little on the incredible costumes you wear for MacBeth? I'm guessing it takes a team to get you suited up and out there for each scene.

Krystin Pellerin: The world that the creative team has brought to life through light, sound and design is stunning. Julie Fox (Designer), Michael Walton (Lighting Designer), Thomas Ryder Payne (Sound Designer) and Steven Page (Composer) have done a stellar job. It feels like a complete extension and expression of the story. So much care has gone into every detail and it really brings the play to another dimension. It's a full body experience from the inside and from what I hear for the audience as well.

 For more information on & tickets to MacBeth click here. For more info on & tickets to Bunny click here.

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