SABStv A Day In New Glasgow

Posted: June 2016

Waving the East Coast fun flag one episode at a time – It's SEA AND BE SCENE TV with your host Stephanie Beaumont, broadcast on Bell Aliant FibreOp TV1 channel.

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Join host Stephanie Beaumont as she spends a day in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

She'll visit the New Glasgow Farmers Market, the town hall, Cafe Italia the Africentric Park, New Glasgow Square and much more - she'll even take to the river in a kayak (please no wagering).

Plus special musical performances by Layne Greene, E.B.Anderson, Lacey Morrell and Wayne Desmond.

Guests include Mayor Barrie MacMillan, Henderson Paris, Kimberly Dickson, Kristi Russell, Carey Allan and Anita Carty.

We sure hope you enjoy watching this episode as much as we did making it.

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