SABS 6TH Birthday Salute for July 9th…

Posted: July 9, 2016

You've gotta love this!

Taking a break in the REDBLACKS action last night to send us a #SABS6 Salute from the stands - that's my old morning show producer Erin Lannan and long time broadcaster (and former co-host) Kurt Stoodley!

POD july 9th getting around the rockEnter their names and you'll be eligible to WIN a copy of "Getting Around The Rock" by Leonard Lahey as our daily prize for July 9, 2016.

They're such a wonderful couple - and while based in Ottawa - their roots are EAST COAST through and through.

Many of you know Newfoundland native Kurt Stoodley. Before we co-hosted Breakfast At the New RO and A-Channel Morning, (now CTV Morning Live Ottawa) Kurt woke up Atlantic Canada alongside Liz Rigney and Scott Boyd on Breakfast TV in Halifax .  And for the record - I actually performed as a musical guest on that very show - way, way, way back in the day (video) - so might say my connection to Mr. Stoodley has stood the test of time. 🙂

His now fiancée Erin Lannan was our morning show producer in Ottawa, and while she's moved on from braodcasting to start an exciting new chapter working with Live The Smart Way - her ability to make great "TV" hasn't stopped.  Case in point - on a recent trip to her home town of Miramichi, New Brunswick she enlisted entire family - including her 90 year old Nanna - to make a video!  It was as they say - an internet sensation - going viral and getting regional coverage in papers, radio and TV too! WATCH...

I'm so grateful to these awesome people - for making the time to celebrate SEA AND BE SCENE's 6th Birthday.

Kurt & Erin - you're right sweet!!!! THANK YOU!!! sb

trifleWhile you're hear be sure to check out Kurt & I making a Chocolate Trifle on the morning show back in the day! What a riot....and a great recipe. Click here to view

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