SABS 6TH Birthday Salute for July 7th…

Posted: July 7, 2016

Not to get too technical or anything.... but that fella right there is SEA AND BE SCENE's resident I.T. Guy!!!

Who by the way just happens to be my brother - John M. Swinimer!

pod july 7Enter his name and you'll be eligible to WIN an official SEA AND BE SCENE T-shirt as our daily prize for July 7, 2016.

You might not know it to look at him - but he's on vacation here in Nova Scotia.  No doubt he thought he'd have a break, but let's just say a stay at SABS central comes with a rather unique set of technical difficulties! 😉

We sure are grateful to him for keeping our 'computer boxes' in check and our business on the world wide web spinning just right!

Grateful too for all the on-the-scene reporting he's done for us over our 6 years.  Be sure to click through on his previous posts below for the sights and sounds of many computer/trade shows across North America.


THANKS BIG BROTHER for always watching over me and SABS mission control!!! sb

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