The Company Theatre Fundraiser 2016

Updated: May 13, 2016

Damhnait Doyle added to THE SHINDIG line upThis just in...

NL's awesome and award-winning Damhnait Doyle has been added to the truly cool line up of talent for this year's SHINDIG!

Also excited to confirm SEA AND BE SCENE TV will be taking a road trip to Toronto - to take in all the fun in support of The Company Theatre. 

Hope to see you there too! SABS


Originally Posted: May 4, 2016

It was two years ago now that SEA AND BE SCENE TV took a Road Trip to Toronto - to connect with some truly talented East Coast Folks and Kindred Spirits.

As luck would have it, our timing couldn't have been better - as our visit to TO took place the same time as the 2014 fundraiser for The Company Theatre.   And yes - it was awesome! (you can watch that show by clicking here)

See - The Company Theatre was created by actors Philip Riccio and one of our favourite NL fellas Allan Hawco - so when they put out a call for the evening's entertainment... you better believe their truly talented friends show up to play - and have a grand time to be sure of it! And the same holds true for this year's event...

2016 The Company Theatre fundraiser Mark Critch Allan Hawco

THE SHINDIG (ever so aptly titled) is set Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 3030 Dundas West in Toronto, Ontario.

The award winning and wonderful, This Hour Has 22 Minutes star Mark Critch will host alongside Hawco himself. It will be a night of marvelous music and much laughter!

2016 The Company Theatre fundraiser Barry Canning and Devin Cuddy

Set to play up a storm Barry Canning, Devin Cuddy,  Greg Hawco, Andrew Penner and Tom Power.  And knowing the East Coast group gathered - we'd be willing to bet there'll be a few fabulous additions on the day and a fair amount of star gazing to be done before the end of it.

Greg Hawco, Andrew Penner, Tom Power THE COMPANY THEATRE fundraisser 2016

Tickets are $75 and include a drink ticket.  Doors open at 7pm. For more information and tickets click here

If you are unable to attend on May 17th but would like to support The Company Theatre and their next production, just click here

While you're here - be sure to watch all the fun we had at the 2014 Fundraiser for The Company Theatre. Click here or on the pictures below!



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