John Gracie Feature – Part Repartee Part Recipe

Posted: May 23, 2011

John GracieOne thing you’ll hear being said over and over again - is just how welcoming and friendly folks are on the East Coast of Canada – and it’s true!  Case in point the Gracie Family

It all started when we asked John Gracie to share with us his family favourite recipe for salsa, but instead of emailing the “how to” we were invited into the kitchen to make it with the man himself. 

Naturally we jumped at the chance – it’s not often you get to ‘cook’ with an award winning singer song writer.  But as you’ll see there was MUCH more repartee than recipe.

John along with his lovely wife (and manager) Andree Gracie shared with us their home and some truly wonderful stories. It was simply delightful – as was the salsa.

Thanks for the hospitality John & Andree – you’re right sweet! SABS


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