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Updated: March 28, 2016


DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE - if you don't want to know a thing about Season 2 of HALT AND CATCH FIRE!

Mark O'Brien as Tom Rendon and Mackenzie Davis as Cameron Howe - Halt and Catch Fire _ Season 2, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/AMC

If you missed seeing the gripping season on AMC then you can watch it all dramatically unfold as it's streaming NOW on Netflix and features one of our favourite NL fellas Mark O'Brien in the role of Tom Rendon.

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Yes - Mr.O'Brien is on it and with very GREAT reason! SABS



Post: May 25, 2014

When it came time for SEA AND BE SCENE TV to put together the list of guests for our #NLFellas episode we immediately thought of one of our favourites... Mark O'Brien.

Between his 6 year run on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and all his many other acting and filmmaking credits Mr.O'Brien has generated some really cool work to cover.  We've thoroughly enjoyed profiling the Paradise, NL native both here on the site and on SABStv, and we're not the only ones to recognize his talents...


MARK O'BRIEN receiving the MUNALUM Horizon AwardEarlier this month - Mark returned home to St.John's to accept the Memorial University Alumni Horizon Award which recognizes exceptional achievement by a Memorial graduate under the age of 35.

We couldn't agree more with their choice.

Mark only just turned 31 May 7th and already he's a multi-award winning filmmaker and truly gifted actor with more on screen roles than he's had years on the planet.

One of those roles is in the soon to be released feature film END OF DAYS, Inc.

Now just because he hangs his hat in LA these days doesn't mean he loses his #NLFella status - oh no - far from it!  So we weren't going to let a little distance get in the way of a feature, especially with his new role of Tom Rendon on the second season of  HALT AND CATCH FIRE premiering May 31, 2015.


We connected via email to ask a couple of questions about his new show.

SABS: What was it like to be a part of the production?

Mark O'Brien: HALT AND CATCH FIRE was one of the best experiences I've had in my career. It's a wonderfully written show that I truly hope people watch. We have an incredibly talented cast that are so conscientious. By the end of the season, we had all really bonded as a group. Sometimes that happens when you're shooting on location (we were in Atlanta) because it brings everyone together to create a new, but temporary, home. 


SABS: What can folks expect when they watch the second season of HALT AND CATCH FIRE unfold?

Mark O'Brien: Everyone I mention this show to either says they love it or they haven't heard of it. To me, that says people just have to give it a shot. It takes a lot of chances and is true to its characters, who can surprise you at any moment. This season is set in 1985. The greatest thing about it is that there are many parallels to the technological world today. You can really see the seeds of what will be popular being planted and tested as the season wears on. It says a lot about who we were, are, and where we are going in the technological universe. It's interesting that you can find such clear connections in a vastly expanding network 30 years apart.


If you're not already watching HALT AND CATCH FIRE you can get caught up now as season one is streaming on NetFlix, and then be watching on Sunday, May 31st for the action packed season 2 premiere.

We'll continue to keep you posted on all things Mark O'Brien - 'cause ya know they'll be plenty more where that #NLFella's concerned, so stay tuned! SABS

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And be sure to follow him on Twitter @markobrienNL

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