ALLAN HAWCO 2015 & The Steady Stream of Work

Posted: December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to take stock and reflect on the year that was.  True - the exercise takes a little longer for some than others is most certainly the case with Bell Island born actor, writer, executive producer, etc., etc....  Allan Hawco.


If you were one of those folks who lit a candle for the man following the series finale of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE 'round about this time last year - you most certainly wasted the match, as (true to form) he was off and running long before the credits rolled.


When we met for an extended chat during our NL Fellas Show in his hometown of the Goulds last April - we knew he was writing CAUGHT (which is still in pre-production), and we knew he'd finished filming HYENA ROAD - which has since been released to the tune of the 'Biggest Opening Weekend Box Office for a Canadian Film Ever'.  He did tell us about FRONTIER then too - but even Mr.Hawco didn't know how big that production would become (read about it here).

ah at aff2015

Since then SABStv has had the great pleasure of covering the Atlantic Film Festival's Red Carpet Gala Screening of HYENA ROAD in Halifax this past September, and we even met up with the man again on the Nova Scotia set of his forthcoming indy film nineteenseventysomething.

ah 1970something selfie

We should also mention a special project Allan co-hosted with his great friend and fellow NL fella Mark Critchmark critch and allan hawco trail of the caribou from allan hawco on instagramDuring the summer CBC filmed THE TRAIL OF THE CARIBOU in which Hawco and Critch traced the steps of the Newfoundland Regiment during its campaigns in the Great War - following their efforts through Turkey, France and Belgium.  The program is set to premiere July 1, 2016 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Beaumont-Hamel and will not only commemorate that tragic day in the history of the province but also give profile to the many successful campaigns completed by the regiment during the First World War.  For more on that project click here.

So, writing a series in which he'll star, exec. producing and co-starring in another, co-hosting a special project, doing coast to coast promo for a feature film and shooting another movie seems like a crazy full slate for most...

Just under the 2015 wire - Allan Hawco returned to Nova Scotia to star in Michael Melski's supernatural thriller THE CHILD REMAINS! Shooting wrapped December 21st and besides some rather creepy instagrams from the set, Hawco and the entire production team have kept close guard of the chilling secrets surrounding the story - choosing to let the audience experience it all when the movie's released next year.

Melski Clement and Hawco THE CHILD REMAINS SET

One thing everyone involved has gladly shared is what a wonderful experience making the film truly was.  Cape Breton born Writer/Director Melski posted a huge note of thanks to his entire cast and crew on his Facebook page - saluting and thanking his male lead as follows "...superb film and tv star Allan Hawco (for the) intense, courageous performance you won't forget and he also kept us laughing behind the scenes, thank you brother."  A crazy busy year and still delivering top shelf - gotta love that!

ALLAN HAWCO without beard 2014So as the calendar flips to a brand new year we vow to do our best to keep up with Allan... and you should too! If you're not already following the man on twitter please do @allanhawco - who knows what other wonderful work he'll have on the go.... or what state that beard will be in 😉

One thing we know for sure - 2016 is going to be a huge year for Hawco and we'll surely be there cheering him on! SABS

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extended interview

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Take your time and enjoy!.... and tell your friends!!! SABS

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  1. Great article, thank you for listing all the works he has out and those to come .

    Comment by Sharon Gaught — December 31, 2015 @ 5:13 pm

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