HAVEN… Inside The Finale & Goodbye


If you haven't watched the series finale of HAVEN then don't watch the video above or read the post below.

HAVEN SPECIAL SABStvGet caught up on showcase.ca/HAVEN in Canada and syfy.com/haven in the US and then come back!

If you have - please enjoy this really cool glimpse inside Episode 526 "Forever" featuring reflections by series stars Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland.


Posted: December 28, 2015

Well, who can believe it?

It seems like just a blink ago - we had just launched SeaAndBeScene.com and we were reporting from the season one set of the brand new Syfy/Showcase original - HAVEN.

Haven marqueeCan't believe five seasons.... the last being a double whammy... have gone by and we Canadian fans took in the very last show last night (Dec 27/15).

Talk about your bitter sweet endings.

I won't kid ya - HAVEN has been a huge part of the SEA AND BE SCENE over the years - both the website and SABStv.  We've made great friends because of the show, and enjoyed a great number of site visits because of it.  And don't even get us started on the cast and crew living and working right here in Chester, Nova Scotia.  I was always so proud to declare our 'world wide headquarters' were located in the HAVEN 'hood!


I know this little seaside village will never be the same and Nova Scotia's South Shore is certainly better for having had HAVEN shoot here for so many years.  They were a class act to say the least and it's ever so cool to have Canada's East Coast showcased so brilliantly throughout the series.

Our great thanks to the lot of them - we'll miss you ever so much HAVEN! SABS

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