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Journalist and author Janice Landry’s newest book, “The Price We Pay” features gripping stories of adversity, heroism and hope. It also solves a decades-old mystery that almost claimed the life of her firefighter father. Basil Landry was recognized nationally for saving an eight-week-old baby from a raging house fire in Halifax in 1978. In an exclusive, tell-all interview, Landry meets face-to-face with the person who accidentally caused this horrific fire, 37-years-ago. The man sought out Landry to tell his story, after media interviews following the launch of her previous book, “The Sixty Second Story.” He was eight-years-old at the time and playing with matches – a cataclysmic event which has changed his life.

Author Janice Landry photo credit Shannon MacIntyreLandry says it took her six months of preparation before that interview occurred: “I had to decide - if the meeting took place - what would be its exact purpose? I was concerned about taking the man back to a very difficult part of his life, knowing how it has impacted him.” Readers will discover Landry’s multi-faceted rationale for doing the interview and the man’s humbling reason for speaking out.

“The Price We Pay” includes more than 20 interviews with Canadians who’ve navigated all kinds of crisis and tragedy, including many first responders, whose own split-second decisions often mean the difference between life and death. We meet decorated Halifax Police Chief Jean-Michel Blais, who reveals, for the first time publicly – that he has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The police chief’s frank admission comes during an exclusive interview with Landry, which she requested after seeing the chief attend the 2014 Halifax ‘Heroes Are Human’ event.

‘Heroes Are Human’ was founded by former Ontario paramedic Vince Savoia, who made a life-altering decision at a Toronto murder scene that led him to ultimately start the national, non-profit group supporting the mental and physical health of all first responders. The group fundraises while honouring murder victim, Tema Conter. Conter was originally from Halifax. Savoia and Tema’s brother, well-known Halifax physician, Dr. Howard Conter, are both interviewed in “The Price We Pay.”

As the book draws to a conclusion, Landry introduces us to a mother-of-two, whose car malfunctions at high speed; leading to what witnesses expect will be a terrible head-on collision on Nova Scotia’s Highway 103. But, in the split-second she has before her car crashes, she decides to drive into a ditch at more than 100 kilometres-an-hour. The motorist decides that - if she is going to die, she will not take anyone else with her. The book’s closing plays out like a movie; except it is a real-life emergency and the woman’s rescuers are two off-duty members of the Canadian military. The final scene and the words the driver says to one of her rescuers are powerful and unforgettable.

“ I am deeply honoured to share the heartfelt stories of all the people who appear in this book. Their collective willingness to revisit extremely difficult and troubling parts of their lives with me, and, in detail, has been a humbling experience. The participants all want to help readers grapple with their own decisions or indecision. I am proud to have been a part of their journey,” says Landry, of her two-year writing and research project.

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“The Price We Pay” is available for purchase at Chapters, Coles and Indigo Spirit stores in Canada or via online: www.amazon.ca www.nimbus.ca or www.pottersfieldpress.com

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