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We have a saying here at Sea and be Sceneyour marketing dollar will never go further and never mean more.

When I started this website back in June of 2010 the mission was simple – to celebrate all the People, Places and Things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so very special.

UNIQUENow, more than 5 years later – we continue to wave the East Coast fun flag...

Here on line at www.seaandbescene.com and on television too with SEA AND BE SCENE TV.

We are 100% privately owned and operated right here in Atlantic Canada, and we are proud to be telling the stories we want to tell. Celebrating Canada's East Coast everyday is a great honour.

Our online entertainment based magazine has worked hard to establish a presence and everyday we are building on the traffic numbers and the fan base – with new content and a consistently positive presentation.

CREATIVENow with our TV Show, just entering it's fourth season – the opportunities to get your message out in a fresh and interesting way have never been better.

If you've got something you would like to celebrate – from a special promotion at your place of business to a nationwide tour winding it's way to the East Coast, a brand new product or a seasonal party – let us know.

Our strength lies in coming up with UNIQUE marketing solutions for our clients – both here on our site and on our TV show – everything from traditional banner style advertising to contests to special features, original videos and so much more.

cost efffectiveOn top of that we work the social media streams to ensure your message is truly out there.

Please drop a line to [email protected] - and we'll follow up to see how we can work together to CELEBRATE all that you've got going on in Atlantic Canada!

xo Stephanie

top offP.S.

In the spirit of the season (not to mention the "year end budgets") we've got all kinds of cost-effective solutions that will work for you!

Click here to see our 5th Anniversary event deals!

We can't wait to hear from you!


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