CORINNE DUNPHY’S “Chase the Ace” at #AFF2015

Posted: September 15, 2015

Have you heard about this thing Chase The Ace???

First we'll tell you about the big draw in Cape Breton they've been talking about in the news for weeks - then we'll tell you about the movie by Nova Scotia born filmmaker Corinne Dunphy (pictured above) that's screening at the Atlantic Film Festival later this week!!!

Chase the Ace -- The Draw

infographic chase the aceWhat started as a $35jackpo t fund raiser for 2 local organizations in Inverness, Nova Scotia has grown into a regional sensation with an expected prize topping more than $1 million the next time it's played.

How? you ask.... well, imagine a your standard 50/50 draw - with a minor variation to 'Chase The Ace'.

Yes - half of the money raised each week is split between the Inverness Royal Canadian Legion Branch 132, and the Inverness Cottage Workshop but then other 50% is broken down with 20% going to the weekly winner who's ticket is chosen in a random draw and the remaining 30% going into the big prize.  That's the jackpot which builds until someone draws the ace of spades from a deck of cards laid out on a table.  Each weekly winner gets a chance to pick a card.

Now it stands to reason with a standard deck containing 52 cards - the contest can only go 52 weeks. The Inverness Chase the Ace has now gone 45 weeks without a jackpot winner.

Normally held every Saturday night - the small Cape Breton community has opted to delay the next draw for a week in order to put plans in place to accommodate the expected traffic and crowds influx of 2000 or more. WOW!

The draw will resume on Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 12 noon to 5 pm for more info visit their facebook page here



CHASE THE ACE stills director CORINNE DUNPHYIt's easy to see how word of these wonderful fundraisers could grow.

Filmmaker Corinne Dunphy got caught up in the Chase the Ace excitement back near her hometown of Antigonish, NS - in Havre Boucher to be exact.  So engaging was the event that she made a short film one summer evening to capture it all.

"Word of this new fundraiser back home spread like wild fire, all the way to Toronto where I was living at the time. I first heard of how big this 50/50 draw was getting from my dad over the phone, but soon started reading articles in the paper, all over social media and word of mouth from friends." Corrine told us. "When I finally got to check it out for myself, I knew it was something that needed to be filmed. The film is a celebration of rural life filled with good humour, cold beer and Nova Scotian's getting together for a good time and a lucky chance."

Film Synopsis
There's no job too big for the volunteers at the Havre Boucher community centre. This short gives the viewer a glimpse into the exciting 50/50 fundraiser that became all the buzz in eastern Nova Scotia this year. CHASE THE ACE is a slice of life film shining light on the community, and believing you're only 1 number away from that dream home, boat or trip!

Corinne-DunphyThe film is being screened as part of the REEL EastCoast Showcase Gala in the shorts program at the 35th Annual Atlantic Film Festival Sunday, Sept. 20th @ 7pm and Thursday, Sept. 24 @ 9:45pm

For More Information click here


While you're here check out Corinne Dunphy's Cool People Profile - click here for that

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