JONATHAN TORRENS Extended Interview

Posted: August 14, 2015

It was during SABStv's recent Maritimes In a Day #RoadTrip Show that we popped onto the back lot of CBC's hit show MR.D in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The plan was to catch up to star Jonathan Torrens and have a 'quick' chat about what he's been up to.

Now if you know anything about the PEI born, award winning actor, writer, director, producer (soon to be author) you'd know a 'quick' chat is out of the question if your plan is to cover off ALL the amazing work he's got on the go, so...

jt roadtrip

We squeezed what we could in the broadcast version of the episode and proudly present the extended version here, in which we cover off everything from his new show for YTV - GAME ON, the just wrapped season of TRAILER PARK BOYS, his podcast TAGGART 'N TORRENS, and naturally MR.D.  We also talk about what's next including his forthcoming book on #Canadianity and a new movie he's got in the works as well.

Please enjoy this extended interview with the always entertaining - tremendously funny and truly lovely Jonathan Torrens as much as we did conducting it.... our sides still hurt from laughing! SABS


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Jonathan Torrens Extended Interview

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