SABS Happy Birthday “HI 5” for July 8th

Posted: July 8, 2015

Absolutely delightful!

SABS 5 Year Birthday Contest prize july 8Getting a "HI 5" from Nova Scotia's Neville MacKay is like a bouquet of birthday beautiful. 🙂

Enter his name and you'll be eligible to WIN a SEA AND BE SCENE T-shirt as our July 8th, 2015 Daily Prize Winner.

We have always considered Mr.MacKay our go-to guy when it comes to floral design.  Turn on a TV or a radio in Atlantic Canada and you know the region does too.  Matter of fact his respect in the industry has gone global - often off around North America and Europe sharing his expertise with the world.

spring showWe first called on Neville to give us some Helpful Holiday Hints at Christmastime back in 2010 and since then he's been a fabulous fixture on SEA AND BE SCENE TV. Appearing in all three of our SABStv Spring Specials - he is always as knowledgeable and skilled in floral design as he is engaging and fun to watch.  While you're here be sure to click on the links below to see Neville in action.

When he's not travelling on his many speaking engagements you can find Neville doing his regular guest appearances on CTV Atlantic Mornings and C100 here in Halifax, and of course at his lovely flower shop My Mother's Bloomers - whipping up wonderful creations for his customers!

spring showWith that busy schedule it's all the more special he took the time to send us a Birthday "HI 5"!

We're ever so grateful for all of your support Neville - you're the very knees of the bee! SABS

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Neville MacKay POSTcardSABS On-Line Hook-Ups for Neville MacKay


Twitter: @levelneville

Facebook: My Mother's Bloomers


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