SABS Happy Birthday “HI 5” for July 17th…

Posted: July 17, 2015

Oh how we love this lady!

She is model, actress, philanthropist, business woman, host and reality TV star, Newfoundland native Shannon Tweed-Simmons.

SABS 5 Year Birthday Contest JULY 17TH PRIZEEnter her name and you'll be eligible to WIN a SEA AND BE SCENE T-shirt as our July 17th, 2015 Daily Prize Winner.

Of course if you were to list the two most important credits in Shannon's life - she would tell you without hesitation that of mother and wife.

That's probably what we love most about her. We here at SEA AND BE SCENE, like millions around the world, loved getting a glimpse in on rock 'n roll royalty - tuning in to GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS allowed for some wonderful perspective into Shannon's life with now husband, legendary Kiss member, Gene Simmons and their two children Nick and Sophie. We watched - hearts bursting - when Gene finally proposed and then again, love filled, as the long time couple finally tied the knot.  It was TV magic.


Magical too - has been Shannon's support of SEA AND BE SCENE.  From our telephone interviews during her guest appearances on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, to her Friday FAVOURITE FOUR, to features during her follow-up reality series SHANNON & SOPHIE,  to our very first IN Shannon&Sophie FORCE FOUR ENTERTAINMENTTHE SPOTLIGHT feature for Atlantic Business Magazine - Mrs.Tweed-Simmons has ALWAYS made the time for us and for that we will ALWAYS be grateful. Her attention and support means the world to us.

We highly recommend following Shannon on twitter @ShannonLeeTweed as she's always up to something wonderful and please click through the links below and see some of her previously posted features.

Shannon - we're so incredibly grateful that you've once again made time for us.  Sharing in our #SABS5 celebration - getting your Happy Birthday "HI 5" totally rocks! Thank you kind lady!!! SABS


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