SABS Happy Birthday “HI 5” For July 15th

Posted: July 15, 2015

Well I'll tell you what - it's hard to find a more talented or gracious fella. And don't even talk about finding anyone funnier.

I'm over the moon to get a Happy Birthday "HI 5" from the pride of Prince Edward Island - writer, director, producer, radio host, business owner....oh and award winning actor Jonathan Torrens.

SABS 5 Year Birthday Contest july 15 prizeEnter his name and you'll be eligible to WIN a truly righteous zipper hoodie from our fine friends at FredRock as our July 15th, 2015 Daily Prize Winner.

We're giving away that great prize because Jonathan will be co-hosting FredRock 2015 in Fredericton, New Brunswick with his pod-pal Jeremy Taggart this coming weekend - July 17th & 18th to be exact.  You can click here to get the full scoop on all the FredRock festivities and by all means get there if you can!


We've had the great pleasure of interviewing Jonathan many times over the years - then again that's bound to happen when you're in as many TV shows and movies as he is.  Be it inside his super cool airstream on the back lot of Mr.D or at the world premiere screening of TRAILER PARK BOYS: Don't Legalize It or simply over the phone for Atlantic Business Magazine ... Mr.Torrens has always made the time for SABS.  Which by the way is surprising  since we don't know how he has any time to spare.  Just look at the story links below and you'll see he's in a ton of productions.

JONATHAN TORRENS as J-ROC at TPB premiere with SABStv

All the while doing his TAGGART 'N TORRENS podcast and most recently joining the broadcast team of NEWSTALK 1010 in Toronto.  Tune in Thursday nights to hear the fun.

And speaking of fun - you better believe Jonathan made SEA AND BE SCENE's 5 YEARS OF FUN show - more than a few times - click here to watch that.

JONATHAN TORRENS extended interview SABStv

Jonathan Torrens - we're so very grateful to you for all of your support overthe years - and for this Happy Birthday HI 5 too!

You're the very knees of the bee! SABS


While you're hear check out Jonathan's video features...

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Jonathan Torrens Extended Interview

Plus have a look at these additional features on Jonathan Torrens his...Jonathan Torrens Gets His GAME ON, Cool People Profile, #FFF Friday Favourite Four and his contribution to our special features "The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got Was..." and HOME For the Holidays

Be sure to follow Jonathan on Twitter @TorrensJonathan

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