SABS Happy Birthday “HI 5” For July 13th…

Posted: July 13th

Will ya take a look at this bit of business!!!!

SABS 5 Year Birthday Contest JLY 13 PRIZEI've been holding onto this Happy Birthday "HI 5" for a while now - mainly because I couldn't believe it to be true.

Two of our favourite NL fellas together - they are of course Mark Critch and Allan Hawco.

Enter their names and you'll be eligible to WIN a SEA AND BE SCENE T-shirt as our July 13th, 2015 Daily Prize Winner.

Over the past 5 years we've had the great privilege of interviewing Mark and Allan many, many a times - always a pleasure, always a great laugh and ALWAYS VERY POPULAR with visitors to the site and SABStv viewers.


From on set visits to 22 MINUTES and REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, to catching up with them on camera at special events like the ABM Top 50 Gala or a Meet & Greet Fan Events - they have always been gracious and accommodating and so incredibly supportive of SEA AND BE SCENE - that truly means the world to us!

allan in GTO

There's not enough room on this post to put all of the feature articles and videos we've done on these talented two gentlemen since the launch, but we've shared a few links at the bottom with the hopes that you'll click through and give them a view.

mark critch and allan hawco trail of the caribou from allan hawco on instagramWe should also tell you this great shot of Mark & Allan was taken while the pair were following THE TRAIL OF THE CARIBOU for CBC - which took them through Turkey, France and Belgium - following in the footsteps of the Newfoundland Regiment during its campaigns in the Great War. The program is set to premiere July 1, 2016 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Beaumont-Hamel and will not only commemorate that tragic day in the history of the province but also give profile to the many successful campaigns completed by the regiment during the First World War.  For more on that project click here.

Playing right now, however - SABStv's 5 YEARS OF FUN show - filled with best of moments, bloopers and outtakes gathered since we launched - needless to say Mark and Allan are in there a lot and rightly so!

Mr.Critch & Mr.Hawco - thank you both so very much - for this wonderful Happy Birthday "HI 5" and for ALL of your kindness and support over the years. We're truly grateful to ya! SABS

SABStv-at-the-AFF-Gala-THE-GRAND-SEDUCTION-with-Mark-Critch-300x297For more features and videos with Mark Critch check out 22 Years of 22 Minutes, THE GRAND SEDUCTION Released, Mark Critch Wins AFF 2013 Best Actor Red Carpet Interview, MARK CRITCH Makes Me LaughABM Top 50 CEOs Gala, Mark's INsights IN 10 (video),  Favourite Four & Cool People Profile


For more features and videos with Allan Hawco check out HYENA ROAD Oficial Trailer & More, Over-Extended Interview, SABStv #NLFellasREPUBLIC OF DOYLE in HALIFAX, ALLAN HAWCO Extended Interview (2014),SEA AND BE SCENE TV's "Company Theatre Concert Special", Allan Hawco Clears Things Up (Video), Friday Favourite Four, Hawco in the GTO (Video), INsights IN 10 (Video)

extended interview

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