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THE HEALER is a new feature film starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen (NBC’s DRACULA), Camilla Luddington (GREY'S ANATOMY), Jorge Garcia (HAWAII FIVE-O) and Jonathan Pryce (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN).

Each week, Sea And Be Scene brings you an exclusive and intriguing glimpse into this exciting production, shooting this summer in Nova Scotia.


THE HEALER Happenings - Posted June 2, 2015
By Enrique Posner, Producer

We're on the home stretch now, and the production office is buzzing with activity. Our principal cast, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Camilla Luddington and Kaitlyn Bernard, arrived this weekend and we have just a few days left before we start shooting.

Our locations team has been doing a great job "locking" our locations. The props and wardrobe teams have been busy buying and renting all wardrobe and props that we need. The art department has been busy designing the sets and preparing to adapt the natural locations that we selected. Filming permits have been secured, and cameras, lights and all manner of filmmaking gear will soon be loaded on to trucks.

THE HEALER movie - Oliver Kaitlyn & Paco in Halifax, NS

Now’s the time our 1st Assistant Director, Jason Shipley, and his team really show what they're made of. It is their duty to put together the complex logistical puzzle required to successfully complete a shoot – hopefully on time and on schedule. 

Many people are surprised to learn that films are shot out of sequence, and the reasons for that are very interesting. The responsibility for creating a shoot schedule lies with the 1st Assistant Director. It his or her duty to lead the team through the day's work, and everyone looks to him/her and their 2nd and 3rd ADs and others on the AD team to create a schedule that "works."

THE HEALER 1st Assistant Director, Jason Shipley

If you've ever been exasperated with managing the logistics for a big event like a wedding, you may have an inkling of the complexities facing Jason and his team. To understand the challenge, imagine that your wedding will take place over 30 days and have several hundred guests. Imagine that every day, each guest will be dressed by your wardrobe team (in different clothes every day). Your guests will all be coiffed and made up every day – in fact, several times a day. You will need to keep track of where your guests go and what they do every day and you are responsible for all of their movements. You'll also feed them every day, keep them out of the rain, and pretty much tuck them into bed at night. A few will have special needs. Inclement weather, illness and unexpected travel will also play a hand to disrupt all the well laid plans. Oh, and did I mention that you want it all on film for posterity?

Enrique Posner THE HEALERMaking a film is something like this. Complex, fascinating, mysterious, and sometimes inspiring. And as is commonly known in theatre and film circles, it somehow all comes together.

It always does! EP

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Enrique Posner has produced a diverse slate of shorts and feature films, including UNCOVERED, JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOR, METROLAND, and the Academy Award-nominated LADY AND THE REAPER. He has worked with Pedro Almodovar on HIGH HEELS and TIE ME UP TIE ME DOWN, and served as Managing Director of Warner Brothers Pictures International Spain.

He is producing THE HEALER with Michael Volpe of Halifax’s Topsail Entertainment (Mr. D).

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